AUN Thematic Network on Ecological Education and Culture (AUN-EEC)

The mission of the AUN Thematic Network on Ecological Education and Culture is to develop a generation of Southeast Asians who will have the mindset and competencies to conserve and preserve the environment through ecological education even as they face the challenges of social change and economic growth. As a network, AUN-EEC will draw on the expertise from members and partners to:

  • Propose curricula/modules/materials that can be used in ecological education
  • Undertake initiatives that encourage students and faculty to support a sustainable lifestyle
  • Raise awareness on critical issues Its key objectives are to:
  • To serve as a platform to help HEIs incorporate formal and informal ecological education in the ASEAN
  • To develop cooperation among HEIs toward actions that promote a culture of sustainability among ASEAN stakeholders
  • To contribute to the solution of ASEAN social and environmental problems

1. AUN-EEC Round Table Discussions
2. AUN-EEC Conference on Cultivating Ecological Mindsets and Lifestyles
3. ASEAN Science Policies and EEC Paper
4. AUN-EEC Interactive Website

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