ASEAN University Network for Technology-enhanced Personalised Learning (AUN-TEPL)

ASEAN University Network for Technology-enhanced Personalised Learning (AUN-TEPL) is a thematic network under the ASEAN University Network (AUN) that was established to foster collaboration among the ASEAN universities to improve students’ success through technology-enhanced personalised learning.

The key objectives of AUN-TEPL are as follows:
1. Build capacity amongst participating universities
2. Serve as a platform for universities to increase collaboration
3. Promote technology-enhanced personalised learning as a research area
What We do

AUN-TEPL plans to actualize its key objectives through these initiatives.

Annual AUN-TEPL Thematic Workshops
Noting the considerable contextual factors as well as sensemaking required for adoption of educational innovation, there is a need to discuss alignment of strategy and execution of unique TEPL implementation at each participating university through a series of workshops. These workshops aim to bring together decision makers and identified change agents through the exchange of information on TEPL initiatives and progress.

These workshops will be designed to support practitioners in the translation of TEPL strategy into adoption to benefit students by bringing decision-makers and identified change agents to scope the unique implementation strategy for each university.

AUN-TEPL Sharing Platform for Educational Tools and Content
In addition to the annual workshops, change agents will need an ongoing platform to share and exchange information on TEPL initiatives and progress. An exchange platform for members to share knowledge and exchange information on solution providers, their experiences selecting quality courseware products, implementing and reviewing their use of those products is aimed to support change agents in adopting common strategies in implementing TEPL. Members could also share and exchange member-developed educational content and technological tools. This will benefit practitioners and change agents with additional resources as well as viable solutions with limited licences.

Recent events under this initiative

Inaugural AUN-TEPL Symposium (Online) - 27th Feb 2020
9.00am - 12.30pm (SGT, GMT+8)

This inaugural AUN-TEPL Symposium aims to bring together like-minded educators from universities in the ASEAN region to share and discuss best practices in the use of technology to bring about personalised learning and to seek opportunities to collaborate in inter-university projects.

Conducted online, the symposium will feature a series of presentations by speakers from various ASEAN Universities and beyond, covering a wide range of topics such as learning analytics to enhancing student learning through technology.

AUN-TEPL Sideline Meetings for Researchers
The popularity of TEPL in the recent decade has been fuelled by enthusiasm of philanthropists (e.g. Bills and Melinda Gate Foundation), nonprofit institutes (e.g. RAND Corporation) and technology organisations (e.g. Google and Microsoft). With systematic evidence only recently emerging in the Northern American and European educational landscape, it would be highly beneficial for the ASEAN + 3 universities to promote TEPL as a research collaboration area.


Currently, AUN-TEPL’s active members comprises Singapore Management University (SMU) as the chair along with Mahidol University and University of Malaya as the co-leads.

Institutions interested in joining the network can visit this link for more information:

Contact the AUN-TEPL Secretariat