AUN Disability and Public Policy Network (AUN-DPPnet)

AUN-DPPnet aims to build a cadre of disability policy leaders who will contribute to the vision of an ASEAN region that is inclusive, barrier-free and rights-based. The network is financially supported by the Nippon Foundation of Japan. AUN-DPPnet intends to train and empower this cadre of disability policy leaders to impact the policies that directly affect persons with disabilities throughout ASEAN and around the world. Its objectives are to:

  • To facilitate the development and the conduct of postgraduate, internship and fellowship programs
  • To facilitate the sharing of evidence-based practices, experiences and address accessibility and disability issues
  • To conduct and promote continuing education and capacity building programs
  • To encourage collaborative research and build network of experts within AUN and ASEAN countries
  • To serve as a resource body for the policy-making to the governments and related agencies
1. AUN-DPPNet Scholarship
2. Alumni Projects for Community
a. Tourism portal for persons with disabilities in the ASEAN region (INCmap)
b. Job portal for Person with Disability (PWD) project (iKNOX)
3. Toward Inclusive Learning Environment (T.I.L.E) Research Project
4. Accessibility and Universal Design Training Course
5. AUN-DPPnet Policy Research Guideline for Inclusive Campus in Malaysia (MyU-OKU)
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