• Academic Cooperation Europe-Southeast Asia Support (ACCESS)

    Project Name:   Academic Cooperation Europe-Southeast Asia Support
    Short Name :   ACCESS
    Partners :   MENON Network, University of Reading, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Southeast Asian Association for Institutional Research , European Student’s Union
    Objectives :   - To build the capacity to monitor and understand the opinions, attitudes and expectations of SEA HE stakeholders and students towards European HE and towards the idea of creating a common EU-SEA HE area (survey component);
    - To promote the attractiveness of European HE through the development of new partnership value proposition to SEA HE institutions and though the celebration of three promotion and partnership-building events in the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand (promotion component);
    - To contribute to the policy debate on the possibility to foster EU-SEA cooperation by producing a White Paper on the theme and by validating it through one Policy Seminar in SEA and a final Workshop in Brussels (policy support component);
    - To set up and validate a network-based service model, based on a web portal, to support EU-SEA HE cooperation and mobility in a sustainable perspective (services component).
    Highlights :   1) Recommendation of the First ACCESS Dialogue Event “Student Involvement in University Management – An Inter-regional Dialogue”
    2) ASEAN-EU Mobility: A Framework for Sustainable Implementation
    3) Proposed Strategic Priorities on Inter-Regional Higher Education Cooperation between ASEAN and EU

    In line with the ERASMUS MUNDUS logic, ACCESS intends to increase attractiveness of EU Higher Education by facilitating and supporting mutual knowledge and information sharing in a collaboration perspective, that means not through one-way promotion activities but rather through partnership building: the slogan of ACCESS is "promote through partnership and mutual-benefit value proposition".

    The project comprises of 3 Dialogue Events

    • The 1st ACCESS Dialogue Event: Students Involvement in University Management, Bangkok, Thailand 1-3 February 2010.
    • The 2nd ACCESS Dialogue Event: Mobility as An Instrument for Integration: Sharing Experiences and New Ideas, Manila, Philippines, 4-5 June 2010.
    • The 3rd ACCESS Dialogue Event: Challenges for South East Asia-Europe University Cooperation in the 21st Century: Preparatory Meeting for the 2nd ASEM Rectors Conference, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 27-28 July 2010.


    The ACCESS White Paper: Strategies to Strengthen Collaboration in Higher Education between Europe and Southeast Asia and all series of documents result from the project will be submitted to the EU and ASEAN government for their further relevant action.


  • Japan-ASEAN Student Conference