Project Name:   ASEAN+3 Heads of international Relations Meeting
At a Glance :   A recommendation of ASEAN+3 Higher Education Policy Dialogue 2009 agreed to convene ASEAN+3 Heads of International Relations Meeting annually by rotation between the AUN Member Universities and Universities from Plus Three Countries.
Participants :   Vice-Presidents and Directors of International Relations Meeting of ASEAN+3 Unet
General information :   it is a key operational and action-oriented platform which is a special gathering of our network of university executives and IRO Heads. This platform provides a valuable opportunity to interact, contribute ideas, and enhance relations between ASEAN + 3 Member universities and relevant partners in order to promote academic collaboration across the East Asian region.
The meeting is held annually.
Short Name :   ASEAN+3 IRO Meeting


  • To provide opportunity for IROs personnel to meet and enhance closer cooperation between ASEAN+3 Member Universities
  • To discuss and prepare the priority Strategic Partnership Outline for ASEAN+3 Rectors’ Conference
  • To promote students and academic mobility within East Asian region
  • To compile directory of contact information of IROs of each university