Project Name:   ASEAN-ROK Academic Exchange Programme
Short Name:   -
Partner:   Korean Association of Southeast Asian Studies (KASEAS)
Objectives:   To promote a new regional identity and solidarity of East Asia by establishing the academic communities of ASEAN and Korea thereby providing opportunities for mutual communication and collaboration.
Highlights:   An enhancement of ASEAN-ROK academic communities

ASEAN-ROK Academic Exchange Program is designed to establish an epistemic community of regional intellectuals, particularly for those in ASEAN and Korea. The region-wide common perspective can be imagined, shared, and developed among the regional intellectuals and eventually can spill over to wider societies. The academic exchange and discussion between ASEAN and Korean scholars and students through this programme can contribute to the advent of an epistemic community in the region.

This programme can be claimed as the first AUN attraction to its dialogue partners. The ASEAN-ROK relationship was rapidly formed only one month after the AUN’s inception in 1995. Since then AUN-KASEAS collaboration has been expanding steadily with the completion of ASEAN-ROK Academic Exchange Programme since1999 up to present.

A series of ongoing activities between AUN and KASEAS such as Exchange Fellowship Programme, Preparation Workshop for ASEAN-ROK Academic Conference, and ASEAN-ROK Academic Conference.

A set of three sub-activities:
1. Exchange Fellowship
designed to offer scholars and graduate students from ASEAN and Korea opportunities to experience and understand each other by conducting research in areas essential for the construction of ASEAN-Korea mutual understanding and solidarity.
2. Preparation Workshop for ASEAN-ROK Academic Conference
The Workshop is a preparatory step for an academic conference to be held in ROK. Main purposes of the workshop are to discuss major issues related to the conference theme and set up sub themes for the conference in a way that effectively and comprehensively addresses the main theme.
3. ASEAN-ROK Academic Conference
The Conference is a bi-annual activity to be organised in one of the ASEAN Member States, on a voluntary basis. It also aims to offer opportunity for scholars and researchers to examine and discuss the trends and prospect of common issues between ASEAN and Korea and look for possibilities and means of cooperation in order to bring about mutual understanding and prosperity to the East Asia region.

List of awardees (2004-2011)
Exchange Fellowship 2004

Name University Research Topics
Geetha Govindasamy University of Malaya A Preliminary Study of South Korea’s Involvement in the ASEAN Plus Three Framework
Teofilo C. Daquila National University of Singapore ASEAN in the Global Economy: Trade, FDI, Issues and Challenges
Kyin Htay Yangon Institute of Economics Investment Policy & Capital Formation in Korea and Myanmar
Sompoch Iamsupasit Chulalongkorn University Stress and Coping Strategies of University Students: A Thai-Korean Cross Cultural Study
Uraiwan Jitpenthom Kim Ki Tae Burapha University A Comparative Study of Thai and Korean Proverbs in the Social Context
Ly Kinh Hien Vietnam National University-HCM A Comparative Study of Sino-Korean and Sino Vietnamese Words

Exchange Fellowship 2005

Name University Research Topics
Mr. Muhammad Mukhtasar Syamsuddin Gadjah Mada University The Philosophy of Self-Cultivation in Korean Neo-Confucianism: A Study of T'oegye's Ten Diagrams on Sage Learning
Mr. Sopheada Phy Royal University of Phnom Penh Employability of Graduates in Contemporary Society: Comparative Analysis between Cambodia and the Republic of Korea
Dr. Sivamurugan Pandian Universiti Sains Malaysia Revising Look East Policy Post-Mahathir Era: Malaysia – Korea Academic Exchange Programme
Dr. Cesar Rufino De La Salle University The Department of Korea's Inbound Tourism to the Philippines
Dr. Sun Sun Lim National University of Singapore The Domestication of Media and Technology by middle-class Korean Families
Dr. Nam Khac Hoang Vietnam National University, Ha Noi The Role of the Republic of Korea and Possibilities of ROK – ASEAN Relations in East Asian Cooperation

Exchange Fellowship 2007

Name University Research Topics
Mr. Rudolf Yuniarto, Paulus Universitas Indonesia Multiculturalism in Korea : Citizenship Policy for Immigrants
Mr. Chatouphonexay Athithouthay National University of Laos Teacher Education Curriculum : A Comparison between Laos and Korea
Dr. Lean, Hooi Hooi Universiti Sains Malaysia Toward a Comprehensive Partnership : Integration of Korea- Malaysia Financial Markets
Ms. Dela Cruz, Joyce Ann Ocampo University of the Philippines Overseas Filipino Workers in South Korea : Issues and Challenges
Dr. Herliana Gadjah Mada University Promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution to Resolve International Commercial Disputes in Asia: A Study from Korea’s Experience from an Academic Point of View
Mr. Nithi Nuangjamnong Chulalongkorn University Korean Regionalism : Characteristics and Implications for East Asian Economic Integration

Exchange Fellowship 2008

Name University Research Topics
Ms. Ratih Pratiwi Anwar, SE., M. Si Gadjah Mada University The Impact of Indonesian Migrant Workers in South Korea to South Korea’s Industries and Local Development in Indonesia
Ms. K’ng Yee Pei University of Malaya South Korea in ASEAN Plus Three (APT): Its Significant and Strategic Role
Prof. Joseph Anthony Loot University of the Philippines When the Fish Warden sleeps, who will take charge?” An inquiry on the Alternative Fisheries Law Enforcement Approaches in the Republic of Korea
Dr. GU Qingyang and Ms. Sarah Chan Siaw Fume National University of Singapore A Multi-National Econometric Model of ASEAN and Northeast Asia
Ms. Ruttiya Bhula-or Chulalongkorn University Adjustment of the Labour Market and College Graduates : A Comparative Study between Thailand and Korea
Dr. Varaporn Punyawadee Maejo University Economic and Social Instruments in Energy Conservation : A Comparative Study of Korea and Thailand

Exchange Fellowship 2009

Name University Research Topics
Mr. Samsul Maarif Mujiharto Gadjah Mada University Muslim in Korea: A Study on Muslim Communities Dealing with Korean Cultures
Mr. Aryana Satrya Universitas Indonesia Assessing Effective Union Strategy in Asia: Cases of Korea
Dr. Danang Priatmodjo Tarumanagara University Royal Palace of Seoul and Solo: The ideas behind the spatial plan of the palaces of East-Asian Kingdoms
Dr. Luz Suplico De La Salle University Moving People to Deliver Services: Issues and Prospects of Mode 4 between the Philippines and South Korea
Ms. Nguyen Nu Nguyet Anh Vietnam National University-HCM Researching on the Life of Vietnamese women and the risks of cross-border marriage (Case study: Korean-Vietnamese marriage)

Exchange Fellowship 2011

Name University Research Topics
Ms. Bubbles Beverly Neo Asor National University of Singapore 'I was a stranger and you welcomed me’: The Engagement of the Korean Catholic Church with Filipino Migrants
Mr. Mulya Juarsa University of Indonesia The Effect of Gap Size to CCFL in Rectangular Narrow Channel for Double Heated Chase
Dr. Rozinah Jamaludin Universiti Sains Malay ducation for All (EFA) for Teachers in the 21ST Century Skills: Bridging the Gap of Professionals in Higher Education through Second Life between Malaysia and Korea
Ms. Poh-Chuin, Teo Universiti Sains Malaysia The Influence of World mindedness and Nationalise on Consumers’ Attitude, Purchase Intention and Actual Purchase Behavior: A Study in South Korea
Dr. Younbo Jung Nanyang Technological University When TV becomes Smart: Effects of reviewer status and review valence on people’s intention to watch a movie on Smart TV
Ms. Wendy Wong Hwei Chern National University of Singapore Perspectives of Older Koreans on the use of New Media in their LivesAn interpretative phenomenological analysis approach on the use of ICT and new media among older Koreans – Summer 2012