Project Name:   ASEAN Education Ministers Meeting
Short Name :   ASED
Partner / Secretariat :   Ministry of Education in 10 ASEAN countries

Education underpins ASEAN community building. Education lies at the core of ASEAN’s development process, creating a knowledge-based society and contributing to the enhancement of ASEAN competitiveness. ASEAN also views education as the vehicle to raise ASEAN awareness, inspire the “we feeling”, and create a sense of belonging to the ASEAN Community and understanding of the richness of ASEAN’s history, languages, cultures, and common values.

At the 11th Summit in December 2005, ASEAN Leaders set new directions for regional education collaboration when they welcomed the decision of ASEAN Education Ministers to convene the ASEAN Education Ministers’ Meetings (ASED) on a regular basis. The Leaders also called for ASEAN Education Ministers to focus on enhancing regional cooperation in education.

As the collective entity to enhance regional cooperation in education, ASEAN Education Ministers identified four priorities that ASEAN cooperation on education would address, namely: (i) Promoting ASEAN Awareness among ASEAN citizens, particularly youth; (ii) Strengthening ASEAN identity through education; (iii) Building ASEAN human resources in the field of education; and (iv) Strengthening ASEAN University Networking. To this end, various projects and activities have been/are being developed/organised to fulfill the directives.

In recognition of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization’s (SEAMEO) contribution to human resource development in the region since 1965, the Education Ministers agreed that the existing ASEAN and SEAMEO forums on education should integrate their respective programmes and activities in a complementary manner. The priorities of ASEAN cooperation on education would be undertaken through collaboration with SEAMEO.

ASEAN cooperation on education is overseen at the Ministerial level by an ASEAN Education Ministers Meeting – which meets annually – and the implementation of the programmes and activities for education matters is carried out by the ASEAN Senior Officials on Education (SOM-ED), which reports to the ASEAN Education Ministers Meeting. SOM-ED also oversees cooperation on higher education, which is coordinated by the ASEAN University Network (AUN).

The ASED Meeting is organised back-to-back with the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Council Conference on annual basis. In 2012, the 7th ASED Meeting in Indonesia agreed to organise the ASED Meeting every two years with the next round to be taken place in Vientiane, Laos in 2014.

1st ASED Meeting 23 March 2006 Singapore
2nd ASED Meeting 16 March 2007 Bali, Indonesia
3rd ASED Meeting 15 March 2008 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4th ASED Meeting 5 April 2009 Phuket, Thailand
5th ASED Meeting 28 January 2010 Cebu, the Philippines
6th ASED Meeting 29 January 2011 Brunei Darussalam
7th ASED Meeting 4 July 2012 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
8th ASED Meeting July 2014 Vientiane, Laos