ASEAN University Network on Culture and the Arts (AUN-CA)
About AUN-CA

AUN-CA is a network of cultural offices among AUN Member Universities, aiming to promote creativity, culture and the arts among students in the ASEAN region. The network will be composed of offices in the AUN members are engaged in teaching creativity and art education, and programming cultural and artistic activities.


At the 1st Core Group Meeting for Creative Education in the ASEAN Youth Cultural Forum (AYCF) 2016 in Universiti Sains Malaysia attended by the AUN secretariat and some of the cultural officers from the member institutions, it was agreed that there is a need to strengthen the ASEAN Pillar on Socio-cultural community to aid in building the ASEAN identity and respond to other related cultural issues in the region. In this light, the idea of forming a Culture and Arts Network surfaced, to create a platform for member institutions to foster cultural understanding, promote creativity and the arts in campuses, and develop policies in harnessing the creative industries in ASEAN member countries.

AUN-CA was established in 2017 and is currently based at De La Salle University.

What We Do

An innovative and integrated ASEAN academic community that nurtures culture and fosters creativity


The AUN-CA is a network of cultural offices among AUN members, dedicated to the promotion of creativity, culture and the arts among students in the ASEAN region. It aspires to be a powerful means through which student artists, arts educators and cultural formators cultivate their knowledge and skills towards a united ASEAN


To serve as a venue for sharing issues and best practices in creativity, cultural education and arts programming in campuses, and the prospects of creative industries in the region

To serve as platform for policy development on creativity, cultural education and arts programming in higher education

To collaborate on researches and programs on culture, arts and creativity, and ASEAN awareness

To facilitate exchanges among AUN members and partners who are engaged in culture and the arts, specifically for students, faculty, and administrators

To petition for the inclusion of creativity and cultural awareness as one of the components in the AUN Quality Assessment

To pursue joint community engagement activities through creativity workshops for the young people in the region


AUN-CA members include 30 AUN Member Universities. Affiliate membership is also open individuals, universities, businesses and organizations committed to supporting the network in its mission.

Contact AUN-CA Secretariat

Ms. Glorife Soberano-Samodio
Chair of AUN-CA
Director, Culture and Arts Office,
De La Salle University