ASEAN University Network – Sustainable City and Urban Development (AUN-SCUD)

AUN-SCUD is AUN’s sub-thematic network in Sustainable City and Urban Development studies. The sub-network focuses on five research clusters: a) Sustainable Infrastructure, b) Sustainable Urban Development, c) Sustainable Economy, d) Sustainable Society, and e) Smart City. AUN-SCUD is aiming to contribute to the academic advancement and collaboration between academics and professionals in multidiscipline studies from engineering, social and economy, psychology to creative and design in ASEAN through its various programs such as Collaborative Research, Regional and International Conferences. The objectives of the AUN-SCUD are listed below:

  • To strengthen the network of experts, scholars and policy makers in sustainable city and urban development;
  • To promote collaborative study, research, and educational programs in sustainability and urban development in ASEAN; and
  • To increase sustainability awareness and enhance regional cooperation that will lead to better living and sustainable society.

As an active member of AUN and responding to the need for city and urban development, Universitas Indonesia initiated establishment of AUN Thematic Network focusing on sustainable development. Thus, in AUN 33rd BOT meeting “AUN Sustainable City and Urban Development (AUN-SCUD)” was endorsed. By having well-planned city and urban development, we believe that potential breakthroughs will achieve sustainability in countries development faster, more efficient and effective, and therefore, more beneficial for all AUN members. AUN-SCUD will work with cities around ASEAN countries to create positive changes towards city and urban sustainability.

AUN-SCUD Secretariat is hosted at Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Development (CSID), Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia.

What We Do
AUN-SCUD Annual Meeting

The AUN-SCUD Annual Meeting will be held once a year to discuss and plan the direction of AUN-SCUD. The location and organizer will be rotated between AUN-SCUD University members.

CSID AUN-SCUD International Conference

The purpose of this conference is to raise awareness of sustainability in every city’s aspect and as a platform to exchange information and knowledge for academia, researchers, industries, and governments of ASEAN countries.

The upcoming 1st CSID AUN-SCUD International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure and Urban Development 2018 would be the first international conference organized by the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Development and ASEAN University Network which will be held on 12 -14 November 2018. For more information about CSID AUN-SCUD International Conference here.


AUN-SCUD members include 30 AUN Member Universities and some activities of AUN-SCUD are open for non-AUN universities in ASEAN and beyond. For more information, please contact AUN-SCUD Secretariat.

Contact AUN-SCUD Secretariat