AUN University Innovation and Enterprise (AUN-UIE)

AUN University Innovation and Enterprise has the main purpose of strengthening and leveraging the innovative capacity of universities in the ASEAN region by offering them a common space for research, academic cooperation and a network-connection to higher learning institutions, government agencies, industry sectors, and business enterprises across the region. AUN-UIE also plans to equip current ASEAN students and future generations with technological competency and innovative thinking for a society that looks towards the future. In order to tackle complex challenges of the Industry 4.0, AUN-UIE focuses on collaboration in the three areas:

  • Entrepreneurship Education: Train the new generation of students to develop necessary business skills including project initiation and research development.
  • University-Industry Cooperation: Produce research to effectively accommodate the demand of the industrial sector and the current ecosystem.
  • Community Development: Promote cross-disciplinary studies between STEM and SSH to create an advanced and ethical society as well as knowledge sharing on Innovation and Enterprise among AUN Member Universities.
1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Winter Bootcamp
a. 2018 - 39 participants from 9 Nationalities 6 startups at mockup prototype state
b. 2019 - 30 participants from 7 Nationalities 8 startups at mockup prototype state
2. Engaging our Future - Innovation Challenge for Sustainable Society
a. 2020 - 400 participants from 27 countries and 118 submitted projects overing all 17 SDGs
3. ASEAN University Startup League
a. 2020
b. 2021 (Upcoming)
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