Network Name:   ASEAN Credit Transfer System (ACTS)
Short Name :   ACTS
Secretariat :   Universitas Indonesia
Objectives :   To create common mechanisms in facilitating the recognition of qualification and increasing student and academic mobility in ASEAN.
Highlights :   ACTS: Students First
Students can enjoy the exchange experience along with opportunity to obtain the credits from the host universities

The ASEAN Credit Transfer System (ACTS) was initiated by the ASEAN University Network (AUN) with the primary objective to facilitate student and academic mobility in ASEAN. The system has been managed through the AUN-ACTS Secretariat which hosted by Universitas Indonesia since 2010.

What is ACTS?

ACTS comprises three components:
- Grading scales
- Online list of available courses
- Online application system

ACTS is a modified version, user-friendly, of the credit transfer system.

  • The ACTS will be a student-centered system based on students’ workload in terms of the learning outcome.
  • The ACTS will be applicable to student mobility and exchange in the general duration of one, up to a maximum of two academic semesters, or a shorter period of study (for example, a summer semester) if deemed necessary.
  • The ACTS will take into account the existing institutional and national credit systems for the expression and conversion of credits, study periods and learning outcome achievements.

The ACTS will not require a modification of the existing institutional or national credit systems.


The differences between the various credit systems in ASEAN are considered as one of the main obstacles to the mobility and exchange of students within the region. The AUN has developed and proposed the common credit transfer mechanism to facilitate and promote the mobility of students leading to the adoption of ACTS Concept Paper in March 2009.


  • December 2008, at the 9th AUN-QA Workshop, proposed mechanisms for ASEAN Credit Transfer System
  • March 2009, Manila: AUN-ACTS Steering Committees was set up and the Concept Paper of Establishment of ASEAN Credit Transfer System was adopted.
  • April 2009, Phuket, Thailand: The recommendations from the Steering Committees were acknowledged by the 4th ASED.

  • July 2009, Phnom Penh: The 25th AUN-BOT Meeting endorsed the ACTS implementation among AUN Member Universities.

  • January 2010, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam: the 2nd AUN-ACTS Steering Committee Meeting agreed on Strategic Promotion Plan and establishment of ACTS Website, hosted by Universitas Indonesia.

  • Mid 2011, start of the first actual implementation among AUN Member Universities.

  • April 2012, Bandarseri Begawan, the ACTS integrated online system, the ACTS procedure were reviewed and evaluated to ensure smooth system performance.

  • March 2013, Penang, the expansion of ACTS in collaboration with Japanese universities under the Re-Inventing Japan Project. The integration of the online promotional strategy into ACTS to increase its popularity among students.

The ACTS will not require a modification of the existing institutional or national credit systems.


The ASEAN Credit Transfer System will be continually utilised under the AUN Student Exchange Programme , Studies Award and Scholarships among AUN Member Universities. The ACTS will be expanded to collaborate with some of AUN’s partner universities. If you are students planning to study in ASEAN or AUN’s partner universities, please visit the ACTS website to find out more information about the ACTS system at