Project Name:   ASEAN-China Rectors’ Conference
Short Name :   -
Partner / Secretariat :   AUN Member Universities and universities in China, nominated by the Ministry of Education, PR China
Objectives :   to promote a strong relationship in academia which is not solely lead to their fruitful collaboration, but also provide more understanding and knowledge as well as a chance to exchange views on various issues between the two regions.

Highlighted Milestone :
The idea of cooperation in the ASEAN-China’s academic sphere was initiated during the first discussion between the AUN Chairman and H.E. Madame Chen Zhili, the Minister of Education of the People’s of Republic of China (PRC) in October 1999 and April 2000 in Bangkok in a series of consultation. Their discussion resulted in an outline for an “ASEAN-China Academic Cooperation and Exchange Programme” with an aim to strengthen ASEAN-China cooperation in human resource development and higher education.

- First ASEAN-China Rectors’ Conference
At the initial stage, the Rectors/Presidents/Vice-Chancellor from the ASEAN Member Universities and designated Chinese Universities opened the first chapter of ASEAN-China academic cooperation at the 1st ASEAN-China Rectors’ Conference on 14-15 June 2002 at Chulalongkorn University. This inaugural meeting discussed the possibilities for cooperation on matters of mutual interest, and set the framework and work plan for future ASEAN-China academic collaboration.

- Second ASEAN-China Rectors’ Conference
On 15-16 March 2007, the Ministry of Education of China and Vietnam National University-Hanoi co-hosted the 2nd ASEAN-China Rectors’ Conference in Hanoi. 80 rectors/ presidents/ vice-chancellors and alternates from leading universities in China and ASEAN participated at the Meeting. The two-day conference discussed methods to strengthen cooperation and university education policies in the light of globalization.

On this occasion, the Chinese government proposed to set up “China-AUN Scholarship”, offering 20 scholarships to ASEAN graduate students while the University of Malaya offered 3-4 young fellowships in the field of sciences to Chinese students.

- Third ASEAN-China Rectors’ Conference
The 3rd ASEAN-China Rectors’ Conference hosted by the University of Malaya on 30-31 March 2010 at Port Dickson, Malaysia. The Conference participants discussed on the Chinese and ASEAN perspectives for joint actions plan for higher education partnership (2010-2015) and come up with the recommendation of the 3 rd ASEAN-China Rectors’ Conference entitled “ASEAN-China Sharing Wisdom, Bridging People’s Mind.” Under the recommendation, ASEAN and Chinese participating universities agreed to enhance their cooperation in the field of climate change, water resource management, infectious diseases, energy, crisis and disaster management, human capital development, cultural diversity, language and linguistics education management, agriculture, and traditional medicine.

- Fourth ASEAN-China Rectors Conference
The 4rd ASEAN-China Rectors’ Conference was held on 28-29 July 2015 at National University of Singapore with fund support from the ASEAN-China Cooperation Fund. The Conference served as an official platform for the universities leaders to strengthen their academic cooperation and to provide the policy recommendations to the ASEAN-China related meetings. At the Conference, participants had observed the ASEAN and China visions on the ASEAN Connectivity beyond 2015 and Its Implications for ASEAN-China Relations, as well as to observe the special cases of outstanding practices towards a success of academic ventures between the two parties.