Network Name:   AUN Health Promotion Network
Short Name :   AUN-HPN
Secretariat :   Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University

The project aims to enhance the roles of universities in the context of health promotion within the society and community, and to develop cross-border collaboration among universities in this area as practiced and provided by higher education institutions.

Health promotion is an imperative process that of enable people to exercise some controls over the determinants of health and thereby improves their mental and physical well-being. Good health is also one of the important key factors for socio-economic developments as this will increase the extent of civilian participation within the society and also community. Higher education institutions play an important role to promote good health and also sustain health promotion knowledge for long-term awareness. However, to achieve regional productive lives, it is necessary for higher education institutions, precisely in ASEAN, to collaborate in finding the best model of health promotion practices to be shared or designed together. Health promotion, to some extent could be ambiguous, thus there is a need to learn from the successful ones.

In response to Ottawa Charter 1986, health promotion demands coordinated actions by many parties concerned, and universities are inextricably involved. The time has come for ASEAN universities to implement thoroughly the health promotion strategies introduced in the charter, for example, to create the environments that support health promotion, empowerment of community for concrete health promotion works and to develop personal skills throughout life. Policy-actions could be done; however, to generate a sustainable knowledge is a challenge that is inevitable. Therefore, the establishment of AUN Health Promotion Network will act as a regional network in East Asia and as a platform for health experts, policy formulator and practitioners to discuss issues and solutions regarding health promotion in terms of academic and also practices.

To implement the concept of the AUN Health Promotion Network, the ASEAN University Network (AUN) will be the key point to take leading role in cooperating with higher education institutions in this field. As stated in AUN’s mandate, the main task is to strengthen the network of cooperation among leading universities in ASEAN and to accelerate the development of the region in a wide range of fields. AUN also takes into account the ASEAN roadmap which one of the goals for its activities includes Multi-Disciplinary Collaborative Research for Community Well-Being, which aims for public benefits.


1. To provide discussion platform for stakeholders who involve in health promotion activities, ranging from policymaker, expert, practitioner, student and community from ASEAN and dialogue partners, for intellectual exchanging and experience sharing on the success stories and lesson-learned of good practices undertaken by their organizations;

2. To explore impacts and constrains of the current health promotion policy and practices implemented by participating universities in order to search for the concrete cross-border collaboration among East Asian universities in the area of health promotion;

3. To promote the proactive roles of universities on particular policy-action oriented which related to community and public health promotion;

4. To proactively promote the sustainable resource sharing platform of knowledge in the area of health promotion; and,

4. To make appropriate recommendations for further development of collaboration framework on interdisciplinary health promotion in East Asian region.


AUN-HPN Capacity Building Workshop on “Leadership in Health Promotion” 7-8 May 2018

AUN-HPN Capacity Building Workshop on Leadership in Health Promotion is held during 7-8 May 2018 in Bangkok. The Workshop aimed to share knowledge on health promotion leadership and to discuss the creation of health promotion leaders as changes agents in health promotion programme in ASEAN region: Download Speakers’ PPP please go to

Download Speakers’ Presenation

- Creating change agents - the leaders in the new era of health Dr. Wiwat Rojanapithayakorn, Executive Director of AUN-HPN

- Thailand's health promotion and social development in practice Dr. Supreda Adulyanon, CEO of Thai Health Promotion Foundation

- Becoming a leader in health promotion Prof. Dr. Prakit Vathesatogkit, Advisor of Thai Health Promotion Foundation