AUN Health Promotion Network (AUN-HPN)

AUN-HPN is a regional network of academic collaboration between health experts, medical practitioners, and higher education institutions to promote the role of universities in promoting healthy lifestyles and environments with a health promotion approach. Its mission is to:

  • To serve as a platform for ASEAN higher education institutions for collaboration among themselves and with other key stakeholders for the purpose of health promotion in the ASEAN region.
  • To share knowledge, skills and resources among the network members in order to build capacity for health promotion and to develop innovative solutions to common health challenges in the region.

1. Healthy University/Healthy Campus/Health Promoting Campus initiatives
2. Research collaboration on health promotion
3. Capacity building: health promoter, experience sharing
4. Targeted interventions aiming at various key risk factors
5. Policy advocacy as a tool of joint effort for health promotion
6. AUN International Health Promotion Conference

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