AUN Internship Programme


About the programme :
The AUN Internship Programme welcomes all ASEAN students who are interested to explore the work of ASEAN particularly in the higher education aspect and want to apply their educational background into the real daily working environment of AUN Secretariat in Bangkok. .


Objectives :
With the aim to promote capacity building and fostering the sense of ASEANness among students, the AUN Internship Programme provides interns with training and practice in research and project management. At early joining with AUN Internship Programme, students are assigned the position of Intern (AUN Intern-Rank 3). After an internal evaluation by the AUN Secretariat, they might be promoted to the position of Research Assistant (AUN Intern-Rank 2) and Research and Programme Development Assistant (AUN Intern-Rank 1) respectively based on their performance, knowledge, skills and competencies.

How to Apply ?
Internship Guidelines

“ I learn on how to, do research independently and working closely with other co interns, as well as learning about work ethics and professionalism. “ 

Harif Bin Arun
Universiti Brunei Darussalam

“AUN also gives me the encouragement to grow up & improve myself in this rapidly changing world. “ 

Chidchanok Yomjinda
Master Degree Programme, Korean Studies, Chulalongkorn University

“Working here is fun and will be useful for our self-development.” 

Rachmatika Pandu
Master Degree Programme, Korean Studies, 
Chulalongkorn University