AUN Internship Programme

About the program
The ASEAN University Network Internship Programme offers soon-to-be graduates with an opportunity to experience working for a regional organization that aims to build a strong foundation for cooperation in higher education. Interns will not only get to see AUN’s ongoing projects but also provide meaningful contributions to these endeavors in creating connections that allow the ASEAN region to tackle challenges like education reform, environmental sustainability, and more.
How to apply
  • Be a current undergraduate or graduate student
  • Possess good command of English
  • Computer literacy
    Especially programs that deal with documents and design
  • Be willing to comply with the rules and regulations of the AUN Office
Application Process:
  • Download our complete package provided below.
  • Read through the entire document and determine if you find yourself suitable for our program.
    Pay special attention to the scope of your work and what we expect out of you.
    a. You can see the examples of work that previous interns have produced as reference to come to a decision.
  • Required forms are attached at the end of the package. We only require that you fill out the following:
    a. AUN Internship Application Form (page 15-16)
    b. AUN Internship Agreement and Conditions (page 17)
  • You can send these forms through these methods:
    a. Direct email to the AUN Secretariat at
    b. Through nomination from the International Relations Office or equivalent at your respective university
Internship Package Download

“ I learn on how to, do research independently and working closely with other co interns, as well as learning about work ethics and professionalism. “ 

Harif Bin Arun
Universiti Brunei Darussalam

“AUN also gives me the encouragement to grow up & improve myself in this rapidly changing world. “ 

Chidchanok Yomjinda
Master Degree Programme, Korean Studies, Chulalongkorn University

“Working here is fun and will be useful for our self-development.” 

Rachmatika Pandu
Master Degree Programme, Korean Studies, 
Chulalongkorn University