Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti
AUN Executive Director
Ext: 104
E-mail: Choltis.aun@gmail.com, Choltis@aunsec.org

Mrs. Achavadee Wiroonpetch
Programme Coordinator and Office Manager
Ext: 113
E-mail: aun.achavadee@gmail.com, achavadee@aunsec.org

Ms. Piyapat Kultanan
Programme Officer
Ext: 106
E-mail: aun.piyapat@gmail.com

Ms. Pasita Marukee
Programme Officer
Ext: 102
E-mail: aun.pasita@gmail.com, pasita@aunsec.org

Ms. Ing-orn Jeerararuensak
Programme Officer
Ext: 103
E-mail: aun.ingorn@gmail.com

Ms. Montinee Jakdee
Office Assistant
Ext: 109
E-mail: aun.montinee@gmail.com
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nantana Gajaseni
Acting Chairperson of AUN-QA
Ext: 111
E-mail: aun.nantana@gmail.com, nantana@aunsec.org

Ms. Naparat Phirawattanakul
Senior Programme Officers-Intergovernmental Organisation
Ext: 106
E-mail: aun.naparat@gmail.com, naparat@aunsec.org

Mr. Korn Ratanagosoom
Senior Programme Officer-Higher Education Innovation
Ext: 101
E-mail: aun.korn@gmail.com, korn@aunsec.org

Ms. Wilasinee Sittisomboon
Programme Officer
Ext: 107
E-mail: aun.wilasinees@gmail.com

Ms. Sumalee Rungreangtham
Financial Officer
Ext: 109
E-mail: aun.montinee@gmail.com