Network Name:   AUN/ Southeast Asia Engineering Education Development Network
Short Name :   AUN/SEED-Net
Secretariat :   Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University
Objectives :   To promote human resources development in engineering in ASEAN and to promote collaboration and solidarity between academics and professionals.
Highlights :   AUN/SEED-Net is one of the most successful sub-networks contributing the immense development in engineering fields through its various scholarships, exchanges, visits and conferences.

AUN/SEED-Net is an AUN’s sub-network in engineering field. The sub-network comprises 26 leading Member Institutions (MIs) from 10 ASEAN countries and 14 leading Japanese Supporting Universities (JSUs).

AUN/SEED-Net has greatly contributed to the human resource development, academic advancement and collaboration between academics and professionals in engineering in ASEAN through its various programmes namely scholarships, both Master and PhD, Collaborative Research, Regional Conferences, Japanese Professors Dispatch and Short-term Visits, to name but a few.

AUN/SEED-Net is mainly supported by the Japanese Government through JICA and partially supported by ASEAN Foundation.


The sub-network is materialised based on initiatives of former Japanese Prime Minister H.E Mr. Hashimoto and Mr. Obuchi at the Japan-ASEAN Summit Meeting in 1997 and the ASEAN Plus Three Summit Meeting in 1999 respectively. Then, AUN/SEED-Net is officially established in 2001 with its Secretariat located at the Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

AUN/SEED-Net Achievements from 2001 – 2013

  • Increased number of academic staff with higher degrees
  • Improvement of graduate programmes and internationalization of member institutions
  • More collaborative research projects with industrial linkage and more projects on common issues of ASEAN
  • Increased number of research publications
  • Launch of the ASEAN Engineering Journal since 2011
  • More exchanges of faculty staff, research collaboration, and resource sharing
  • Regular regional conferences with more participants outside the network
  • Model for multilateral projects in term of well-organized management structure

Outputs from the past ten years:

795 scholarships (496 master’s, 143 PhD Sandwich, 128 PhD Japan, 28 PhD Singapore)
541 graduates (379 master’s graduates, 135 PhD graduates)
426 collaborative research projects (equal to US$ 4,424,172)
63 research grants for alumni
Over 1,500 research publications in journals and proceedings by our students and alumni
4 issues of ASEAN Engineering Journal with 33 published papers
94 special equipment items (equal to US$ 798,439)
727 Japanese professors dispatches
267 short-term visits to Japan
125 short-term visits in ASEAN
92 field-wise seminars, 2 special seminars and 56 regional conferences
238 promotional visits and 23 open houses

Recent Development:

  • o March 2013- March 2018 AUN/SEED-Net Project Phase III Project will promote region-wide system for advanced research and education to be established by member institutions in collaboration with Japanese supporting universitie

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