Network Name:   AUN University Social Responsibility & Sustainability
Short Name :   AUN-USR&S
Secretariat :   Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Highlights :    

In an attempt to further the development of USR&S, ASEAN University Network (AUN) has initiated the project to build the network of USR practitioners and consolidate the currently existing social responsibility in universities in ASEAN region. This initiative took shape in the form of the workshop at Burapha University in October 2010, later known as the Burapha Workshop. The Burapha Workshop realised substantial achievements by bringing in several distinguished USR&S practitioners from leading universities in ASEAN and Japan. With good practice, ideas and extensive experiences contributed by the participants, the event has been seen as a considerable success to further promote region-wide implementation of USR&S activities. Moreover, this project has shown the promising prospect of continuation and long-term implementation as the workshop saw considerable and inspiring commitment from participants to push forward this initiative into stronger cooperation which led to successful sequential event at UKM under 2nd AUN Regional Forum on USR&S.

AUN-USR&S Conceptual Framework
The AUN-USR&S Conceptual Framework is the core concept of the AUN-USR&S initiative. This concept is built on 4 integral parts as follows:

1. Teaching and Learning, Research and Academic Services: This part can also be regarded as the university’s common mission. It includes how university deliver academic services utilising their expertise and calibrating the strategy of knowledge application for the social causes.

2. University’s Governance and Administration: This focuses mainly on the organisational management and administration approaches. It addresses the internal and structural element of universities as the internal practices of USR&S.

3. Community Involvement: This component can be seen as the concept of many USR&S activities that usually engage with the community in the attempt to help equip a community to improve their standard of living, tackle local issues and help contribute to the positive impact in wider society.

4. Campus Life: This part is essentially about the livelihood of students and universities’ personnel during their time in the universities. This internal practice is also one of the most important aspects of USR&S implementation since the basic and solid foundation must be built from within to ensure the successful manoeuvre when USR&S activities are being further carried out outside the campus.


The 2nd AUN-USR&S Steering Committee Meeting will be hosted by UKM in June 2013. The Meeting will discuss and explore opportunity to extend network collaboration under the MOU between AUN USR&S@AsiaEngage with Engagement Australia


  • Regional Conference on Higher Education-Community-Industry Engagement Forging Meaningful Partnerships Across ASEAN and Asia was held on 7-9 May 2012
  • The 1st st AUN-USR&S Steering Committee was held on 15-16 October 2012


  • The Capacity building workshop for AUN-USR&S was organized on 12 June 2013 and attended by 40 participants from members and associated members.
  • The 2nd AUN-USR&S Steering Committee Meeting was successfully organized by UKM on 13 June 2013. The Meeting discussed on the criteria set up for selection of Community Engagement experts across ASEAN for the different areas of community-engaged research, teaching & learning and services. The network also agreed to extend its collaboration under the MOU between AUN USR&S@AsiaEngage with Engagement Australia.

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