AUN Internship Opportunities
The AUN Internship Programme welcomes all ASEAN students who are interested to explore the work of ASEAN particularly in the higher education aspect and want to apply their educational background into the real daily working environment of AUN Secretariat in Bangkok.
Basic qualification:
- currently study in ASEAN universities (preferably junior and senior student)
- ability to conduct research and information gathering in relevant to higher education, social sciences, ASEAN and related fields.
- fluent spoken and written English
- having an awareness of a multicultural working environment and a commitment to
- ability to use office related software
**Internship for credit option will be available for the internship duration between 12 weeks to 20 weeks**

Application process:
Complete the application form and return to the AUN Secretariat
Attention: Ms. Naparat Phirawattanakul at email:

Please note the AUN Internship conditions below
1. The AUN will not provide any financial support for internship, as such, giving the privileges and immunities accorded to staff members of AUN
2. You are personally responsible for obtaining the necessary visas and arranging the travel to and from the duty station where the internship will be performed
3. All the expenses connected with internship such as living accommodation and transportation will be borne by intern student or sponsoring institutions
4. You are responsible for obtaining the international insurance and the health insurance that cover the period of your internship
5. The AUN Secretariat accepts no responsibility for costs arising from accidents and/ or illness incurred during the internship

Download AUN Internship Package file »
AUN Internship Application Form
AUN Internship Agreement
“The AUN Secretariat has been very welcoming with immense hospitality. The experience feels like a radical shift from normalcy but I stopped nit-picking at the differences and started embracing them in strides. As they say: “When in Thailand, do as the Thais do” Personally where life and learning meet, that is my perfect way to sum it all up. Fighting!” (Abdul Karim bin Hamdan, Universiti Brunei Darussalam)
“Warm. Welcoming. Friendly. Smiles. These four words describe the environment the moment I stepped into the AUN Sec Office. Learning is so much more than being an intern and completing out assignments – it’s also about ASEAN friendships that cross cultures!” (June Adelyn Kang, Monash University-Sunway Campus, Malaysia)
“If you want to be an internship student who just make cups of coffee, duplicating and stacking documents, please do not apply here. ASEAN University Network will make you comprehend that internship student can work in an important part of the organization. Moreover, working with internship students from the others ASEAN nations is one of the ways to prepare to be part of the ASEAN Community. Consequently, to have an internship at this international organization is an excellent experience for me.” (Nattakorn (Arthit) Juhong, Chulalongkorn University)
“Doing an internship at AUN is a worthwhile learning experience for me. Our interns’ supervisor gives us more freedom to be creative by allowing us to design our own research project and giving feedback afterward. Usually, we are encouraged to work as a team rather than an individual which enable me to develop good team- working skills”
(Nan Sandi, Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
“Internship in AUN gives me a lot of experience, knowledge, and stimulus to learn about the role of ASEAN in terms of higher education. Besides, people in the office are friendly and hospitable. This is such a precious and meaningful time to intern here!” (Chieko Ueno, Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya)