Rainbow Project

In order to further promote the exchanges and cooperation with research institutes and research fellows of ASEAN nations, China-ASEAN Research Institute of Guangxi University has proposed the “Rainbow Project”. Aiming at advancing the research level in China-ASEAN issues, the Project is to invite experts and scholars from ASEAN nations to our Institute for a 2-3 month academic visit. During the visit, the “Rainbow” expert will work together with research fellows from our Institute to carry out a research and present the research achievement.


1. Round-trip Ticket (economy)
2. One apartment (with furniture and household appliances)
3. Office, lab or others (internet, database, etc.) required by researchers
4. Two Chinese partners
5. Allowance 3,000 RMB/ month


Please fill in the “Application form for Rainbow Project from China-ASEAN Research Institute” at
http://cari-en.gxu.edu.cn/info/1101/1561.htm and send to faocari@gxu.edu.cn, faocari@foxmail.com

Tel: (+86) 771-3232412

Welcome to join our “Rainbow Project” and make a different.