Introduction: Guide to AUN-QA Assessment at Programme Level Version 4.0

By Chawanvit Panprasert
1 June 2020

In the AUN-QA Assessors’ Meeting 2020 (Online), Associate Professor Dr. Tan Kay Chuan, a member of the AUN-QA Technical Team, introduced the “Guide to AUN-QA Assessments at Programme Level Version 4.0” to the AUN-QA assessors. The new version of the guidebook was written by Dr. Tan Kay Chuan and the AUN-QA Revision Team under the principle of continuous improvement, which is one of the keys to sustainability in quality higher education and AUN-QA internal work. Improvements from Version 3.0 include changes in criteria of the AUN-QA Assessment, the rating scale used for the assessment and other related details. The guidebook will be reviewed for endorsement by the AUN Board of Trustees and acknowledged by AUN-QA Chief Quality Officers before being fully implemented in AUN-QA Assessments. AUN-QA, as a de-facto Higher Education Institutions accreditation agency in the ASEAN region, has quickly adapted to meet universities’ needs during this period of change. With a more comprehensive and contemporary criteria, the AUN-QA can continue to uplift and enhance the standards and quality of Higher Education Institutions in the ASEAN region.