We Choose to Do Remote Assessments

By Tarida Dalai
1 June 2020

A session to discuss the implementation of Remote Assessments was held in the afternoon of the AUN-QA Assessors’ Meeting. The session was facilitated by Prof. Dr. Satria Bijaksana of the AUN-QA remote assessment task force and AUN-QA Council.

The Remote AUN-QA Assessment will serve not only as a contingency plan to cope with the current global pandemic situation but may also be integrated as a long term practice.

The active and fierce discussion among AUN-QA Assessors allowed a deep exploration of the opportunities and risks of remote assessments. The massive amount of concerns and comments from this fruitful discussion will be taken into further consideration in order to ensure the quality of the Remote AUN-QA Assessment.

Further information and updates regarding the progress of the Remote AUN-QA Assessment will be sent through AUN-QA communication channels.