The AUN-QA welcomes 4 new AUN-QA Assessment Officers to the AUN-QA Team!

By Banjong Ujjin, Senior Programme Officer

In order to serve their members more effectively with the growth of the AUN-QA Programme Assessments, the AUN-QA decided to accept 4 new AUN-QA Assessment Officers for the AUN-QA Programme Assessment operations. The 4 new AUN-QA Assessment Officers are:

  • Ms. Supitcha Thitisomboon
  • Ms. Worapanit Wongsaprom
  • Ms. Saruda Moolwong
  • Ms. Kritsaporn Rithichaidumrongkul

Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti, the AUN Executive Director attended the orientation, held on 24th November 2020 to personally welcome the 4 new staff for the AUN-QA network. The details of the orientation includes a brief overview of the AUN and the AUN-QA, roles & responsibilities as well as benefits.