VNUHCM realigns with new OBE-focused AUN-QA guide through workshop

By Tan Wanxuan, AUN Intern

On Tuesday 24th November 2020, the workshop on the Guide to the AUN-QA Assessment at Programme Level, Version 4.0, was held at Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City (VNUHCM). With over 70 participants from member universities, institutes, and affiliates, including leaders, administrators, as well as faculty members, the workshop served to introduce the fourth version of the guidebook and assisted VNUHCM in improving their International Qualification Assessment (IQA) system to be aligned with AUN-QA’s new assessment requirements.

Published earlier this year in August 2020, the new Guide Version 4.0 is a simplified version of its predecessor, composing of 8 criteria and 53 requirements in place of its previous 11 criteria and 62 requirements. To reflect developments in higher education, greater emphasis was placed on outcome-based education, specifically on instilling innovation and entrepreneurship mindset in students. Additionally, other key features include a reduction in the requirements for document submission, along with a clearer separation between the requirements for an AUN-QA Institutional Assessment and those for an AUN-QA Programme Assessment.

Keeping up-to-date with the ever changing trends in higher education is the way forward, and here at AUN-QA, we believe that this workshop on the Guide to the AUN-QA Assessment at Programme Level, Version 4.0, will help in streamlining procedures for conducting assessments to ensure smoother and more efficient implementation of programmes!