AUN-QA: The Way Forward for 2021

By Tan Wanxuan, AUN Intern
11 January 2021

The cataclysmic challenges of 2020 have forced people across the globe to re-examine societal, academic, and professional norms. As COVID-19 necessitated social distancing, online learning, and remote working, significant strides have been made towards the digitalization of the human experience. As one of the premier choices for quality assurance for ASEAN higher education, AUN-QA has remained an industry leader in launching novel approaches in the digital workspace.

In rethinking operations, besides introducing online assessments in place of on-site local assessments and leveraging on virtual communication tools like Zoom to stay well-connected with our members, AUN-QA has also launched the new Guide to AUN-QA Assessment at Programme Level Version 4.0, which serves as a simplified version of its predecessor to reflect developments in higher education. Moving on to the year of 2021, the goal would be to continue this strategic path of digitalisation to further enhance the quality of higher education through streamlining the procedures for conducting assessments, so as to ensure more effective implementation of programmes.

As such, in line with this commitment, AUN-QA’s assessment line-up for the following year is set to cover over 200 different programmes involving 54 universities from countries within the region, including Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. More significantly, the completion of the final assessment in 2021 would round up close to 800 programmes being assessed, since our first programme assessment in 2007 at the University of Malaya, Malaysia!

Indeed, it is through the experiences culminated from series of AUN-QA assessments, that we are able to grow by leaps and bounds. More importantly, such achievements would not have been possible without the constant trust and support from our member universities and AUN-QA assessors over the years, especially amidst the global pandemic crisis. So, here is to many more years of working together to continue developing a holistic quality assurance system to meet the evolving needs of the higher education landscape in Southeast Asia and beyond!