AUN-CA Meeting emphasizes importance of creative adaptation to digitalizing world

By Chawanvit Panprasert, Programme Officer
11 January 2021

The 5th AUN-CA Annual Meeting, held on 18 December 2020, attracted over 25 Arts and Culture professors and staff from 20 universities in ASEAN+3 countries (ASEAN countries, China, Japan, and Korea). The meeting began with warm welcome remarks by Choltis Dhirathiti Ph.D., the AUN Executive Director followed by inspiring opening remarks by Ms. Glorife Samodio, Chairperson of AUN-CA.

The keynote speech was delivered by Ms. Sasapin Sirawanij, Artistic Director of Bangkok International Performing Arts Meeting. Ms. Sasapin’s talk on State of the Arts in the ASEAN+3 Region highlighted the common difficulties faced by arts practitioners throughout the ASEAN region. She also emphasizes the need to collaborate beyond national borders to strengthen and improve arts and cultural activities in the region, especially during the spread of COVID-19.

Then, the participants shared their experiences and good practices in conducting classes and artistic activities in 2020. Many agreed that the effect of the pandemic had dramatically changed the nature of teaching & learning and showcase activities. One of the major challenges caused by the global pandemic is mental health. Students, staff and lecturers are experiencing depression symptoms due to lack of physical interactions. Many countries had successfully conducted virtual arts activities including teaching & learning, performances and research collaborations.

Despite some limitations, arts industries in most countries creatively adapted their way of making, presenting, and thinking about the arts. The industry, like other industries, is transforming to its new normal and with creativity as a fundamental key. The world can expect more brilliant works from AUN-CA member universities in “CULTURE & ARTS LEARNING SERIES & ARTS FESTIVAL” this coming 2021.