Dr. Choltis, AUN Executive Director, weighs in on UN SDGs in higher education in University of San Agustin’s webinar

By Mariem Njeh, AUN Intern
25 January 2021

On 13 January 2021, Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti, the AUN Executive Director, was invited as a resource speaker in the University of San Agustin’s webinar titled “Higher Education and UN Sustainable Goals: Direction and Goals of Higher Education Institutions Towards 2030”. Dr. Choltis offered his take on how UN Sustainable Development Goals served as a common vision for higher education institutions as well as the AUN’s strategy in helping ASEAN higher education institutions flourish coming up to 2030.

Because of how recognized UN SDGs have become, they serve as a common vision to strive for. For the AUN, this helps facilitate connecting people and institutions for cooperation as it gives them a quick reference for alignment and understanding. Simply put, for policy makers, it gives them a common language.

The AUN Executive Director also took this chance to showcase the AUN’s strategies and goals. In particular, the AUN is focusing on raising the quality of higher education within the ASEAN region to even greater heights as well as furthering the expansion of access to that education. In order to achieve this, a great emphasis is placed on design thinking and intelligent work processes as a part of all of the Secretariat’s works going forward with the ultimate goal of nurturing the region’s talents.