ASEAN+3 Working Group (APTWG) Expert Meeting discuss outlook and execution of online learning post-COVID

By Phasawit Jutatungcharoen, Programme Officer
1 March 2021

The APTWG Expert Meeting on the Institutional Provision for New Modes of Higher Education was held on 4-5 February 2021. The meeting was attended by representatives from SOM-ED of the ASEAN+3 countries, the ASEAN Secretariat, the AUN Secretariat, SEAMEO-RIHED, and EU SHARE. The two main topics that ASEAN+3 countries discussed was what online higher education would look like post-COVID-19 and the online courses and evaluation methods that would be offered.

The first day of the Meeting briefly introduced the 8th APT Working Group Results from the ASEAN Secretariat. The Keynote Speeches in the following session were delivered by Minah Park, Director of the Korean Council for University Education and Kiyong Byun, Director of the Higher Education Policy Research Institute. Both discussed the issues regarding international mobility in new modes of education. In the third session, designated experts from each participating country delivered a presentation on online higher education regulations and practices in their respective national contexts.

The second day of the Meeting was primarily for group discussions as the participants were separated into 3 small groups to discuss the following topics: the concept of the new mode of education, the concept of the new guidelines that have to be instituted, and the exchange programs that will be included in the new guidelines. Following this session, there was agreement that a working group committee should be set up in order to draft the ASEAN+3 guidelines to facilitate student mobility and quality assurance for a post COVID-19 era that takes into consideration the different aspects of online higher education.