The Korea-ASEAN Webinar brings academics and students together to discuss post-pandemic strategies

By Dhvani Sanghavi, AUN Intern, and Phasawit Jutatungcharoen, Programme Officer
8 March 2021

AUN hosted its latest Youtube Live webinar in collaboration with ACTS and the Korean Council for University Education (KCUE) on 17 February 2021. It was hosted by KCUE to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on higher education, and the new path of higher education that institutions will have to shift to in the post pandemic era.

The first session speakers were academic staff from Sungkyunkwan University, Chungbuk National University, and Singapore Management University, as well as the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Universiti Brunei Darussalam. The speakers all spoke about effective ways they were able to curb the negative impact of the pandemic in their respective institutions. This included a rapid shift to online/blended learning once cases were detected in the area, strict regulations on campus, and other assistance in terms of emotional, financial, and physical support.

The second session allowed ASEAN exchange students to directly voice their experience on distance learning and educational challenges they might have faced due to the pandemic. The students had positive remarks for the way their respective universities and countries handled the situation, a few of whom had insightful remarks on traits that they believe are important for ASEAN to adopt as it tries to navigate to a post-pandemic era.

The final session was a panel discussion that allowed the academic staff and students to give their unique perspective on questions posed by the moderator. The questions ranged from the importance of administrators wellbeing to addressing requirements of students with special needs. There was a consensus among all the participants that if the future of higher education is distance learning, then it has to be learning with an all inclusive approach. The universities and governments of ASEAN have to work together to make sure that the education of students is not hugely hindered by the pandemic.

The webinar ended with closing remarks from Ms. Minah Park, the moderator, and Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti, the Executive Director of AUN, who expressed their gratitude for all the panelists and viewers that joined the webinar. Dr. Choltis hoped that the end of the webinar wouldn’t translate to the end of the topic of higher education especially in a time of the coronavirus pandemic. Rather, he hopes the discussion continues to flow, ultimately translating to real change.

To view the full webinar, please click the link here: