Graduating into a COVID-transformed workspace

By Lin Wan Ki Pelo, AUN Intern
25 August 2020

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, there have been lockdowns and economic recessions across the globe. As a consequence, acquiring a job is more difficult during the pandemic. This news article will focus on tips and advice for fresh graduates on becoming more competitive in post-COVID world.

Transformation of workplace
In the post-pandemic world, there will be several significant transformations of the workspace. For example, working from home with flexible hours may be the new norm of the world. In addition, a number of certain positions such as middle management positions and employees in retail or service sectors might also be reduced or replaced by A.I, robots, and other automation technology from the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Lastly, due to the pandemic, online retail will also be growing as consumers may prefer to shop online more.

Jobs that will be more in-demand
Followed by the boost in online retail, jobs in digital marketing and relevant fields such as advertising and PR would be more essential in the economy as there will be a great demand for advertising and promotion for online shops all over the world. Moreover, the demand for jobs within the supply chain, such as couriers and logisticians, would also be heightened as such manpower is required to support a growing online retail sector, reflecting that there would still be needs for labour in several aspects in the post coronavirus world.

Moreover, working from home and wider usage of A.I would be a new norm for nowadays enterprises. Hence, jobs related to I.T. support, such as hardware technicians and software developers, would be in great demand worldwide. Therefore, it could be foreseeable that jobs in the field of I.T. would be in high-demand after the pandemic.

Furthermore, occupations in the field of healthcare, like registered nurses and physician assistants, would also be in huge demand in the post-coronavirus world due to the heightening need of manpower in operating large-scale medical checks or promoting public health. Therefore, it is obvious that jobs in healthcare or relevant fields will also be needed in the coming days.

Skills to improve
In order to raise employment opportunities, some of the following skills may help fresh graduates be more competitive when compared against their peers.

First, students could hone their online marketing skill for preparing to work in relevant fields. Such skills could be infographic skills. Photoshop and the ability to operate social media for brands are also essential. Moreover, writing skills in promoting products and a brand’s image are crucial too. To acquire the mentioned skills, establishing social media accounts for promoting several themes might be a good idea. For instance, one fresh graduate, Miss Yu from Hong Kong, claimed that utilizing her instagram for promoting her photographic works have indeed helped her gain a job in the marketing field.

Apart from online marketing skills, fresh graduates are also encouraged to acquire certain qualifications in the field of computer support and healthcare. In recent years, these sectors are looking for graduates from other fields, not just from the I.T. sector, in order to lower expenses on manpower. Hence, students are suggested to study a master degree or certain diplomas in relevant sectors to increase their employment opportunities.

Lastly, in general, it is noticeable that as working from home is becoming a norm across the globe, candidates should also improve their email-writing skills in order to have good communication with co-workers in the workplace.

How to potentially find employment
At last, when it comes to finding jobs, graduates could try to look for jobs offered by international enterprises from other regions as the home office policies would enable candidates to apply for jobs offered in other countries. Besides, trying to apply for more jobs in various sectors would also be useful for raising the opportunities of getting employed.