The Young SEAkers: Organization Profile

By The Young SEAkers
14 September 2020

The Young SEAkers is a non-profit organization that brings together vibrant, competent ASEAN youths who are passionate about advancing the ASEAN-China region. The Young SEAkers is the first and only Southeast-Asia based non-profit with a China and ASEAN angle. Headquartered in Singapore, The Young SEAkerskers is currently in the process of setting up regional chapters across all 10 ASEAN countries.

“SEAker” stands for an ASEAN youth who seeks ASEAN-China opportunities and is equipped with cross-border competencies and relevant soft skills to navigate through a region. It is a play of words thought out by the 3 Co-founders – Calvin Wee, Lee Zi Xin and Shion Chua. They believe that the future belongs to Asia, and ASEAN-China relations have a huge role to play. The advisory network of the Young SEAkers consists of Dr Choltis Dhirathiti (Executive Director of ASEAN University Network), Melvyn Goh (Founder CEO, M Media Ventures Ltd) and Khairul Rusydi (CEO & Co-Founder, Reactor School).

Ultimately, The Young SEAkers helps SEAkers to boost their profiles and grow within their communities through a range of holistic programmes and concrete ASEAN-China exchange opportunities. Such programmes include, but not limited to, SEAkers Go!, SEAkers Meal & Mingle, and SEAkers in Dialogue. In SEAkers in Dialogue, for instance, SEAkers engage with distinguished ASEAN-China experts and leaders from business, politics, government, and academia to share their insights with SEAkers. These holistic programmes offered by the Young SEAkers are crafted around 3 principles: creating an interactive space, curating the programmes around ASEAN and China, and facilitating all programmes by the organization to nurture cross-cultural empathy in SEAkers.

The mission of The Young SEAkers is to create a new generation of ASEAN-China savvy youth leaders. With its mission in mind , The Young SEAKERS aim to nurture a community of passionate SEAkers who are well-equipped with cross-border competencies that enable them to tap on the full potential of the ASEAN-China region.

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