Introducing AUN-ADERA: Extending the frontiers of architectural design education and research in ASEAN

By Wafaa Wajihah Mohammad Rosmadini and Akkani Alexander Warning, AUN Interns
3 October 2020

The AUN Thematic Network on Architectural Design Education and Research in ASEAN (AUN-ADERA) is a thematic network of the ASEAN Universities Network that strives to promote an ASEAN community of critical and creative scholars concerned with architectural design education and research of the built environment of Southeast Asia. The 2020 sanctioned group hosted its first inaugural virtual meeting and symposium on the 27th-28th of July 2020, collaboratively with the Department of Architecture of the National University of Singapore.

Associated programmes and activities are coordinated in working groups that each focus on Design Pedagogy, History, Society and Culture, Design Technologies, Urbanism, Environment and Community, Professional and Accreditation Matters as well as Special Projects such as the ASEAN Biennale and Shared Resources. The working groups were established at the 2020 Meeting in Singapore that was co-convened by Associate Professor (Dr) Wong Yunn Chii and Associate Professor Cheah Kok Ming from the Department of Architecture, The National University of Singapore.

Southeast Asia is notoriously known for its great diversity in architecture. Ultimately, AUN-ADERA aims to share the best knowledge of experiences and practices in innovative design pedagogy pertinent to ASEAN in particular, and Asia in general. Thus, creating a milieu for the cultivation of architectural knowledge unique to ASEAN that has broad ramification to and dialogue with the best of humanistic education in order to improve the livelihood of people and communities. This architectural education-based network also aims to encourage and exchange research documentation, translation and publication of essential texts and ideas distinct to the milieu of development architecture in ASEAN. Consequently, such an exchange will help foster an active discussion on the design future of ASEAN and their implications on architectural education, research and practice in light of the rapid technological evolution in analysing, making and representing. Nevertheless, ADERA also seeks to promote a broader understanding of significant cultural and political connections among the member countries that have given forms to the ASEAN environment.