AUN-QA keeps its edges sharp with revisions to its signature guide

By Buranond Kijwatanachai, Programme Officer
26 October 2020

Complacency is the enemy of progress. As AUN-QA strives to become not only a regional leader in quality assurance but also a global leader, it cannot let up in its relentless pursuit of improvement. Much like how a craftsman must constantly keep his or her tools in shape to perform at the highest level possible, AUN-QA must do the same. And in a discipline like education quality, the mind and the principles are the greatest tools of all. That is why the AUN- QA’s ever present and ever reliable “Guide to AUN-QA Assessment at Programme Level” has been revised to fit with the latest philosophies and practices and is now entering its fourth iteration.

As the higher education landscape has been shaped and reshaped through technological advancements and sociocultural transformations, AUN-QA’s Guide must also be adapted to fit the current educational climate. The current iteration of the Guide has been modified to include feedback from AUN-QA stakeholders and the criteria used for assessments made more lean, more holistic, and clustered.

With the adoption of the AUN Board of Trustees, the Guide is ready to be put to use in the field by the AUN-QA’s very capable assessors. In keeping its tools sharp, the AUN-QA is well- equipped to handle its mission of uplifting the quality of ASEAN higher education for its member universities.

Click the link below to take a look at the Guide: QA%20Assessment%20at%20Programme%20Level%20Version%204.0.pdf