Amidst tropical storms and unstable connections, AUN-QA logs in another productive assessment at the University of the Philippines, Los Banos

By Chawanvit Panprasert, Programme Officer
9 November 2020

The 184th AUN-QA Programme Assessment was held between 26-30 October 2020 at the University of the Philippines, Los Banos. Throughout the assessment, the Los Banos area was under Public Storm Warning Signal Number 3 - Moderate to Heavy Damage. Despite the circumstances, the AUN-QA assessors, Secretariat, and the university moved quickly to adjust the itinerary to dampen the impacts of the storm and ultimately carried out the assessment successfully while meeting all the objectives of the AUN-QA Assessment.

Two study programmes from the University of the Philippines, Los Banos were assessed: BS Chemical Engineering and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. The comprehensive self-evaluations provided in the Self-Assessment Reports combined with the guidance from AUN-QA’s experienced assessors gave these two programmes a clear path in how to continuously develop their curriculum, teaching and learning methods, internal quality assurance system, and services.

One day before the assessment, it was announced that the Los Banos area will be hit by “Quinta” tropical storm. From local experiences, these types of storms usually cause power disruptions and internet instability. The AUN-QA Secretariat, in consultation with the chief assessor - Prof. Dr. Yahaya Md. Sam, had comprehensively analyzed the situation and came up with an efficient solution to lessen the impact of this natural disruption—altering the itinerary to overcome the limitations while still maintaining the procedure of the AUN-QA Assessment. The assessment was carried out with utmost efficiency within the scheduled period.