AUN-QA presents certificates to Nong Lam University for assessments

By Banjong Ujjin, Senior Programme Officer
9 November 2020

On 25 August 2020, the first group of virtual interns presented their findings to the AUN Secretariat. As members of the AUN Secretariat team, interns work closely with AUN officers and actively provide input at all stages of project implementation. A part of this effort is that every intern that works with the AUN Secretariat completes at least one research project that tests the waters for areas that the secretariat has found to be in need of attention and development in the ASEAN higher education sector.

This time, the projects dove into these areas:

On 22 October 2020, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ngo Van Thuyen, an AUN-QA Council Member, presented the AUN-QA Programme Assessment Certificate to Nong Lam University on behalf of the AUN-QA Network. The assessment was conducted on 10 -12 December 2019 for 4 study programmes including:

1.) Bachelor of Engineering in Agricultural product – Food Processing and Preservation
2.) Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology,
3.) Bachelor of Arts in Agricultural economics
4.) Bachelor of Science in Agronomy

The results of this assessment have been approved by the assessor team. The AUN-QA would like to thank Nong Lam University, our very own Associate Member, for believing in our system and entrusting in our assessment.