AUN strives to stay classic after 25 years of service by refining projects with logical frameworks

By Buranond Kijwatanachai, Programme Officer
17 November 2020

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the AUN Secretariat has been hard at work to ensure that it can offer most, if not all, of its promised services while ensuring the health and safety of all who are involved in its work. While that has resulted in major successes like the highly productive AUN-QA Online/Remote Site Visits and a milieu of planned online conferences and workshops, the Secretariat has also turned its attention to improving its own capacities.

In particular, as the Secretariat is approaching the end of its 25th year in service of ASEAN higher education, it reflects upon each of its projects, particularly the flagships, and whether they still align with the AUN’s Strategic Outcomes as well as the needs of the ASEAN community. To answer that question, the AUN Secretariat hosted an in-house training that introduced or reaffirmed the Logical Framework Approach, an intellectual tool used for designing and evaluating developmental projects. If successful, this would allow all current and future AUN projects to be more goal or objective oriented, much like the Outcome-based Education systems that are currently being pursued by many of the higher education institutions within the region.

After covering the Logical Framework, each AUN Programme Officer in charge of each AUN project was assigned to refine the current event specifications to incorporate the Secretariat’s new approach to delivering its services.

The event specifications are scheduled to be published in 2021.