AUN-QA TRaining

Project Name:   Academic Cooperation Europe-Southeast Asia Support
Short Name :   ACCESS
Partners :   MENON Network, University of Reading, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Southeast Asian Association for Institutional Research , European Student’s Union
Highlights :   1) Recommendation of the First ACCESS Dialogue Event “Student Involvement in University Management – An Inter-regional Dialogue”
2) ASEAN-EU Mobility: A Framework for Sustainable Implementation 
3) Proposed Strategic Priorities on Inter-Regional Higher Education Cooperation between ASEAN and EU 


In line with the ERASMUS MUNDUS logic, ACCESS intends to increase attractiveness of EU Higher Education by facilitating and supporting mutual knowledge and information sharing in a collaboration perspective, that means not through one-way promotion activities but rather through partnership building: the slogan of ACCESS is "promote through partnership and mutual-benefit value proposition".

when the ASEAN Charter was signed by the Ministries of 10 ASEAN Member States in 2007, AUN became tasked as a key implementing agency of ASEAN in the Socio-cultural portfolio. AUN conducts programmes and activities to encourage and promote higher education cooperation and development to enhance regional integration in achieving global standards.