• AUN Student Exchange Programme : the Programme promotes the ASEAN student mobility of students at both undergraduate and graduate level among AUN Member Universities by providing scholarships to students to study at AUN Member Universities for a period of a semester up to one academic year and also the full degree programme.

    Number of Scholarship within the network

    No. University Scholarship (S) Type Number Offered
    1 Universiti Brunei Darussalam UBD Student Exchange Programme
    • 4-Week Summer Global Discovery Programme
    • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level (Master and Ph.D)
    Tuition Fee Waivers for Exchange for AUN Member Universities Students
    10 exchange student/partner university
    2 Universitas Airlangga Academic Mobility Exchange for Undergraduate at Airlangga (AMERTA)

    Semester Exchange for Undergraduate

    Program duration: 1 semester


    • Semester 1 (Fall Semester): August - December
    • Semester 2 (Spring Semester): February - June

    Opens for all international students.

    Application is due in every May 15 (Sem 1) and December 15 (Sem 2)

    Tuition fee WAIVED
    Partial scholarship is provided, for a total of IDR 5 million for one semester
    Transferable Credit: minimum 3 courses and a Bahasa

    Indonesia class

    60 students/semester
    Airlangga Development Scholarship Full Time Study Master and Ph.D. 20 Students/year
    3 Universiti Malaya ASEAN University Network-Disability and Public Policy (AUN-DPPnet)

    Full Time Postgraduate Study in any field of study at 30 AUN member universities

    Application Form and Details of Scholarship : https://aun-dpp.um.edu.my

    Closing Date: 31st July 2021

    12 Scholars/year
    4 National University of Singapore Temasek Foundation International Leadership Enrichment and Regional Networking (TF International Learn) Programme @NUS

    One Semester Study at NUS (August to December)

    Tuition Fees will be Waived and Student will receive 6,500 Singapore Dollars for their Semester in NUS

    More details please visit:

    Nanyan Technological University Temasek Foundation International (TFI) Leadership Enrichment & Regional Networking (LEaRN) Semester Exchange for Undergraduate Up to 40
    5 Prince of Songkla University PSU Education Hub (AUN or Other ASEAN Students) One Semester Scholarship and Short-Term Scholarship
    6 Singapore Management University (SMU) Temasek Foundation Leadership Enrichment and Regional Networking (LEaRN) Programme @ SMU

    Undergraduate semester exchange (Aug – Dec), selected recipients will receive S$6,500 during their study at SMU.

    For more details, please visit https://www.smu.edu.sg/about/financial/financial-assistance-schemes/TFLEaRN

  • EU Scholarships
  • KOREA Scholarships
    M.A. in Korean Studies
    Project Name:   Master of Arts Programme in Korean Studies
    Short Name :   M.A. Programme in Korean Studies
    Partner :   Chulalongkorn University and Seoul National University
    Objectives :   To promote regional academic mobility and also to enhance mutual understanding between ASEAN and China through overseas experiences
    Objectives :   To promote academic study related to Korea in the area of language and culture, business, economics and political science as well as to disseminate the knowledge about Korea in order to increase understanding of the nation and strengthen relations between ROK and the ASEAN.
    Highlights :   Scholarship for ASEAN Students to pursue their M.A. in Korean Studies, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, ROK. The scholarship covers air ticket, tuition fee, accommodation, and monthly living stipends.

    The Project is initiated to promote and strengthen the Korean Studies in the Southeast Asian region. As a result, there should be the increase in professional lecturers on Korean studies and the widening of the strong academic network between ASEAN and ROK; that would in turn produce a greater collaboration among academics.


    In an effort to promote Korean and ASEAN Studies, Chulalongkorn University and AUN in cooperation with Seoul National University launched the M.A. Programme in Korean Studies in October 2008.


    The M.A. Programme offers class in different fields such as Korean economy, politics, business, art and culture, history, civilisation, religion and beliefs, film and theatre, and law. Students are required to complete 36 credits, which includes a 4-month short course at Seoul National University and a thesis for their graduation.


    From 2008 - 2012, AUN has been granted 25 scholarships to ASEAN students from Cambodia (4), Indonesia (4), Laos (2) Myanmar (1), Philippines (2) Thailand (10) and Vietnam (2) to study in this programme.

    ASEAN Millennium Leaders College DJU
    Project Name:   ASEAN Millennium Leaders College Student Exchange Programme
    Short Name :   -
    Partner :   Daejeon University
    Objectives :   - To enhance the knowledge of ICT, Social Science and Humanities among ASEAN students;
    - To promote closer ICT collaboration and greater understanding between ASEAN and Korea , and among ASEAN nations
    Highlights :   The project offers full scholarship to ASEAN students to study ICT and Social and Humanities in Daejoen University, ROK

    The ASEAN Millennium Leaders College Student Exchange Programme between ASEAN and the ROK is a project of cooperation between the AUN and Daejeon University. The Programme provides scholarships for ASEAN undergraduate students to study at Daejeon University for one academic year. Aside from academic experience, the exchange students will be provided with various opportunities such as internship course, business visit in Korean companies and field trip.

    The scholarships under this project are full scholarship covering tuition fees, accommodation, meals, round-trip tickets and living allowance.


    With the support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and trade, The ROK, ASEAN Millennium Leaders College Student Exchange Programme from ASEAN to ROK was initiated in 2001 with the aims to foster greater exchange between ASEAN and Korean students, bridge the gap between the two regions and promote people-to-people exchange.


    • With the success of the first year programme in 2001, the number of scholarships offered for the second year programme in 2003 was increased from 10 to 17 and up to 20 in 2010 and later enlarged to 30 in 2011.
    • Since the project initiation in 2001 until the year 2012/2013, altogether 10 batches of scholarships have been successfully launched with 188 ASEAN students were granted scholarships.
    • In 2011, this programme had been transformed from the original entitle “International College Student Exchange Programme from ASEAN to ROK” to “ASEAN Millennium Leaders College Student Exchange Programme.”


    The information and the application procedure of the “ASEAN Millennium Leaders College Student Exchange programme 2013” will be announced by May 2013.

  • CHINA Scholarships
    Project Name:   China-AUN Scholarship
    Short Name :   -
    Partner :   China Scholarship Council (CSC)
    Objectives :   To promote regional academic mobility and also to enhance mutual understanding between ASEAN and China through overseas experiences
    Highlights :   China – AUN Scholarship offers 20 full scholarships, for both Master and Doctoral Degrees, for ASEAN graduates in various fields of studies.

    The China-AUN Scholarship is one of the Chinese Government Scholarship programmes implemented under ASEAN-China Academic Cooperation and Exchange Programme. This programme offers 20 full scholarships to ASEAN nationals. Interested applicants may select among a wide range of studies / programmes offered from more than 160 participating Chinese universities/ institutions.

    Each year, the fresh opening will be announced in early February and the selection results will be announced at the end of July. The successful candidates will commence their studies in September or October. AUN Secretariat is the focal point for application and CSC is responsible for all selection process.


    In 2008, at the meeting at Yunnan University, China, the Ministry of Education of PR China re-affirmed the Chinese government’s offer of 20 full scholarships to ASEAN students to further their Master and Doctoral Degrees in China.


    • This scholarship programme launched its first opening in 2008 with successful result.
    • Owing to its wide ranging programmes offered and interesting features, China-AUN Scholarship has been receiving a significant increase in numbers of applications in 6 consecutive years.


    The latest selection result (AY2013/2014) will be announced in July 2013.