China-AUN Scholarship
(Chinese Government Scholarship – AUN Programme) 2017/2018

1. ANGGRAINI, ERLINA (Indonesia) Master, Developmental & Educational Psychology, Northeast Normal University

2. IRWANDI (Indonesia) Master, International Relations, Shandong University

3. SAADAH, SONIA SOIMATUS (Indonesia) Master, International Commerce, Wuhan University

4. BASITH, ABD. (Indonesia) Ph.D., Developmental & Educational Psychology, Central China Normal University

5. GUNAWAN, RACHMAD (Indonesia) Ph.D. , Human Resource Management, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics

6. ICHWANTO, MUHAMMAD ARIS (Indonesia) Ph.D., Principles of Education, Central China Normal University

7. NANTHAVONG, CHANHPHENGSAY (Laos) Master, International Trade, Yunnan University

8. VONGSOUVAN, MANOSIN (Laos) Master, International Trade, Soochow University

9. CHANGDABOUT, SOMPHONE (Laos) Ph.D., Public Finance, Dongbei University of Finance And Economics

10. PHIMMISENG, NOY (Laos) Ph.D., Adult Education, Nanjing Normal University

11. SENGSAVANG, VILAKONE (Laos) Ph.D., International Economics & Trade, Northwestern Polytechnical University

12. CHAI, ZHONG EN (Malaysia) Master, Finance Engineering, Xiamen University

13. AUNG, THANDAR (Myanmar) Ph.D., Geology, China University of Geosciences (Beijing)

14. TAN, CHRISSIE DIANE (Philippines) Master, Business Administration, Northwestern Polytechnical University

15. INTHAUD, TIPSUDA (Thailand) Master, Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL), Wuhan University

16. LEANGPANSAGUL, CHOOWAS (Thailand) Master, Translation, Sun Yat-sen University

17. MEEKLINHOM, SONGSITH (Thailand) Master, Public Administration, Zhejiang University

18. METHANAWIN, PATHARAKAN (Thailand) Master , International Trade, University of International Business and Economics

19. THONGSAMUT, CHANISSATA (Thailand) Master, Agricultural Insects, and Pest Prevention and Cure, Southwest University

20. BOONSERM, PANNAROS (Thailand) Ph.D., Linguistics & Applied Linguistics, Nankai University

21. MAHAPROM, RAPEEPORN (Thailand) Ph.D., International Relations, Yunnan University

22. SUEBSIRIVIRIYAKORN, SULEEPORN (Thailand) Ph.D., Communication, Communication University of China

23. SUSAKUL, NGAMREUDEE (Thailand) Ph.D., International Relations, Sun Yat-sen University

24. NGUYEN, THI HA PHUONG (Vietnam) Ph.D., Theatre Management, The Central Academy of Drama

25. MAURI, JERRY MATHEIS WELLEM (Indonesia) Ph.D., Forestry Economics and Management, Northeast Forestry University

26. CHAILA, APINYA (Thailand) Ph.D., Climate System and Global Change, Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology

27. LANGH GO SUT, LANGH GO SUT (Myanmar) Ph.D., Chinese Philosophy, Wuhan University

28. NGUYEN, HAI YEN (Vietnam) Ph.D., International Relations, Renmin University of China

29. PEN, DALY (Cambodia) Master, Paediatrics, Fudan University