Project Name:   Sustainable Energy and Environmental Forum
Short Name:   SEE Forum
Partner:   Kyoto University
Objectives:   To seek academic and science and technological cooperation that will contribute to solving the global climate and energy security issues through the New Energy Initiative.

SEE Forum is the academic and scientific forum of Asia-Pacific focusing on the common issues of global warming and climate change in relation to energy security issues. The Forum calls for the strong and committed cooperation and participation in seeking solution for the environmental and energy issues.

In 2006, 18 delegates from 8 Asia-Pacific countries signed the SEE 2006 Expression of Intent on New Energy Initiative which led to the establishment of SEE Forum among Asian academic and science and technological communities. The New Energy Initiative is the key focus in the transition to a more efficient and renewable energy sources for the fast-growing Asia-Pacific economies.

The 7th SEE Forum is scheduled to be held on 20-23 September 2010 in Viet Nam.

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