AUN-SUN/SixERS Study and Visit Programme: “Discovery, Diversity, Dynamics” (3Ds)



Q3 (tentative)


Participants: Japanese students from the ASEAN+3 UNet


To let Japanese students experience hands-on learning of ASEAN cultures


The Six Universities Network/International Education and Research System, Japan (SUN/SixERS) is a consortium of six Japanese national universities—Chiba University, Kanazawa University, Kumamoto University, Nagasaki University, Niigata University and Okayama University.

The partnership agreement between the AUN and SUN/SixERS was officially established in April 2013 to explore the possibility of collaborative framework on student mobility, student placement and internship. Exchanges with overseas partner universities, thus, are among SUN/SixERS’ current initiatives and are keys to encourage a dynamic development and to achieve the anticipated milestone.

This Study and Visit Programme began in 2013 as a collaborative effort between the AUN and SUN/SixERS. It is an annual two-week student mobility programme that offers students a unique opportunity to learn and experience ASEAN by exploring its diversity and earning in‐depth knowledge in various aspects through the lectures, on‐site exposures, cultural workshops and organisation visits.