ASEAN Student Leaders Forum




Participants: Student organization representatives from the AUN30


To provide a platform for student organizations from within the AUN30 to work together in tackling shared and common issues

The ASEAN Student Leaders Forum (ASLF) is an annual event that brings together student associations and unions from the AUN Member Universities so that they have an opportunity to network and work together. 

Project history:

2020 - “Environmental Sustainability as a Culture: Preparing Student Leaders for the Green Era” hosted by Chiang Mai University
2019 - "ASEAN Way in the Era of Disruption: The Role of University and Student Leaders in Preparing to Excel the Fourth Industrial Revolution"
2017 - “Commitments and Actions toward the Prosperous ASEAN Community”
2016 - “ASEAN, Our Home: Youth Engagement Towards a Shared Future”
2015 - “Paving Our Converging Path: From ME to WE”