AUN and ASEAN+3 Educational Forum and Young Speakers’ Contest




Participants: Students from the ASEAN+3 region


To provide a platform for the youth of the ASEAN+3 region to generate discussion and solutions for the region’s most pressing concerns



The AUN and ASEAN+3 Educational Forum and Young Speakers’ Contest is one of the AUN’s three major flagship initiatives for youth development. The Educational Forum and Young Speakers’ Contest, previously held separately, are two distinct and simultaneously-held activities that feed into one another. The Educational Forum offers a platform for ASEAN+3 youth to discover and practice policy making on the region’s most pressing concerns. The Young Speakers’ Contest gives voice best speakers to make their case to the region’s brightest young minds. 

Project history:

2019 - “Social Sustainability in ASEAN+3: The Challenges of Inclusive Growth” hosted by Chiang Mai University
2018 - “ The Relevance of Higher Education in The Digital Age” hosted by Universitas Indonesia
2017 - “ASEAN+3 in an Era of Global Uncertainty: Responses and Optimism” 
2016 - “Strengthening ASEAN+3 Towards Sustainable Development Through Community Engagement”
2015 - “Developing ASEAN+3 Economic Integrated Community: Issues on Gender Equality, Minority Groups, and Persons with Disabilities”