ASEAN University Network – Sustainable City and Urban Development (AUN-SCUD)

Quick Facts
Establishment: 2017
Focus: Sustainable City and Urban Development
Host: Universitas Indonesia
Members: AUN30

  • Professor Dr. Mohammed Ali Berawi

Contact: [email protected]c[email protected] 

AUN-SCUD is AUN’s sub-thematic network in Sustainable City and Urban Development studies. The sub-network focuses on five research clusters: 

A. Sustainable Infrastructure 
B. Sustainable Urban Development
C. Sustainable Economy
D. Sustainable Society
E. Smart City

AUN-SCUD is aiming to contribute to the academic advancement and collaboration between academics and professionals in many fields of study including engineering, social and economy, psychology to creative and design in the ASEAN region through its various programs such as collaborative research and international conferences. The objectives of the AUN-SCUD are listed below:

  • To strengthen the network of experts, scholars and policy makers in sustainable city and urban development
  • To promote collaborative study, research, and educational programs in sustainability and urban development in the ASEAN region
  • To increase sustainability awareness and enhance regional cooperation that will lead to better living and sustainable society

The AUN-SCUD Secretariat is hosted at Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Development (CSID), Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia.