Imagined Universes: Worlds We Could Live In

Why Bother?
Tired of the current reality? We are, too.

We spend a lot of time complaining about the current reality we are in, and imagining or daydreaming for a better world. Some ended up taking up the task to better the world we are in, and the most of us are just stuck in this perpetual routine of being unhappy about the world we live in.

Well, if we are so unsatisfied, what does an ideal world look like to you?

Is it one where there are no regrets, where you play a very different, perhaps heroic role with superhuman power, where you don’t have to live in a perpetual rat race competing for power and fame, where your country leaders put their people first, where you go to school without exams or boring lectures, and where technology is humanised?

We all have a slightly different version of ideal world. Nevertheless, they all aim to replace the undesirable qualities of the current world we live in with better ones.

We are now telling you that your imagined worlds need not stay in your imagination.

At the International Think Big Summit 2022, we will join forces with world’s top luminaries to turn worlds of imagination into reality.

We will not only reimagine norms, we will rebuild dreams and visions, and explore new ways to live, or even relive.

What’s different this year?
Imagine. Imagine a better world with world-leading thinkers, leaders and activists.
Be inspired/informed. Be informed with the work of local and international bodies in a multidimensional and immersive expo.
Involve. Get involved by joining our Thinkathon experience: A Philosophical Hack through Social Space and Time where you can win cash prizes worth up to RM2000 and get certified for your critical thinking and debate skills.

What will you gain?
- Network with and learn about the latest projects leading world shapers are working on.
- Give yourself a chance to relive your life with alternative perspectives.
- Engage in meaningful discussions and discover sessions with local thinkers and leaders to reshape our community for the better.
- Upgrade your critical thinking skills with a full-day of mind-stimulating events.

#Imagine worlds you could live in. Turn your #imaginations into meaningful discussions and #actions.

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