31 May 2023

The 8th AUN-CA Meeting Convenes at Universitas Indonesia: Strengthening Collaboration in Culture and Arts and Welcoming New Board Members

Chanya Chinsukserm
AUN Programme Officer;

On 17 May 2023, the 8th ASEAN University Network on Culture and the Arts (AUN-CA) Meeting took place at Universitas Indonesia, bringing together 34 representatives from 23 universities from AUN and ASEAN+3 Member Universities. The gathering aimed to foster collaboration and share best practices in creativity, culture, and the arts initiatives within the region. The meeting witnessed lively discussions on various topics, including policy development, research, exchange programs, and joint community engagement activities.

Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti, Executive Director of ASEAN University Network (AUN), delivered the welcome remarks, expressing his gratitude to all the participants for their active engagement and emphasizing the importance of fostering cultural exchange and creativity within the ASEAN+3 community. 

The meeting was led by Ms. Glorife Soberano-Samodio, Chair of the AUN-CA, and witnessed an impressive roster of participants hailing from institutions across Brunei Darussalam, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam. Each participant also had the opportunity to introduce themselves, setting the stage for fruitful discussions and collaboration among the representatives of these renowned universities.


Reflecting on the accomplishments of the past years (2018-2022), AUN-CA successfully conducted various learning sessions, including the Dialogue Research Forums and the Crosslight Learning Sessions, fostering knowledge sharing among member universities and research development efforts. Collaborative productions, such as an Online Arts Festival, film festivals, and partnerships between universities, elegantly promoted cultural exchanges. There was also the organised community engagement tour, providing creative workshops and cultural interactions with a local community. These accomplishments reflect AUN-CA's commitment to nurturing creativity, cultural understanding, and higher education in the ASEAN region.

In a momentous turn of events, the meeting saw the introduction and election of the new AUN-CA Board to serve from 2023-2026. Ms. Glorife Soberano-Samodio from De La Salle University secured a renewed mandate as the Chair of AUN-CA, with Dr. Yiwen Ouyang from Guangxi University as the Vice-Chair. The remaining Board Members include Dr. Grisana Punpeng from Chulalongkorn University, Prof. Amihan Bonifacio-Ramolete from the University of the Philippines, and Prof. Weidong Wang from Yunnan University. The newly elected board is expected to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to further propel AUN-CA's mission.

AUN-CA Speakers.png

Ms. Glorife Soberano-Samodio, Chair of AUN-CA, and Dr. Yiwen Ouyang, Vice-Chair of AUN-CA

The 8th AUN-CA Meeting served as a testament to the organisation's dedication to fostering collaboration, promoting creativity, and advancing the cultural arts in the ASEAN+3 region. As the AUN-CA community continues to expand and overcome challenges, it is poised to make even greater strides in the years to come, enriching the cultural landscape and facilitating meaningful connections among its members.