19 April 2024

AUN Summer Camp 2024 Introduction Series #4: AUN-ITB Summer Camp 2024

Noppanun Sookping
AUN Programme Officer;

The ASEAN University Network (AUN) is driving striding efforts to promote cross-border exchange and cultivation of future-proof competencies for undergraduate students from AUN Member Universities through the brand new AUN Summer Camp. Among the summer programmes opening this year, AUN-ITB Summer Camp (AISC) 2024, hosted by Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia, is the latest AUN Summer Programme to open for registration. This short-term summer exchange programme is geared to cultivate knowledge among participating undergraduate students from member and non-member universities of AUN in the challenging implementation of sustainability across different countries with the theme “Integrated Sustainability for Thriving Communities”.

With rising environmental and socioeconomic challenges continuously escalating and destabilising the livelihood of our society, sustainability development has been at the forefront of the global efforts towards preserving our environment and our world. Bandung, West Java, Indonesia is among places around the world where rapid urbanisation goes head to head with the racing efforts towards preserving the area’s rich environment and cultural heritage. Through the guidance and expertise of the Institut Teknologi Bandung, one of the leading and globally-recognised ASEAN universities, participating students of AUN-ITB Summer Camp 2024 will join an experiential learning journey to explore issues and challenges in sustainable development implementation on different levels based on real life cases in Indonesia.

On this subject, the students will be able to pick one out of three subthemes to pursue; each focuses on different yet interconnected fronts of international sustainable development:

  1. Transforming Cities: Innovations in Urban Living and Sustainable Transportation
  2. Bioresource Utilisation and Management: Enhancing the Capacity of the Community through Exploring Natural Products for Cosmetics in Multi-Creative Business
  3. Business Modeling To Integrate The Utilisation of ASEAN Energy And Mineral Resources

To ensure the ultimate gains in terms of knowledge and capacity building for all the students throughout this two-week exchange programme in Indonesia, a variety of learning activities have been deployed to formulate the programme, ranging from workshop, site visit, lectures by academic staff and invited expertise in related fields, to group work, brainstorming and presentations. Participating students are expected to develop good understanding on the selected sub-themes related to sustainable development implementation and advocacy. Just as important, the students will be able to engage, interact and form life-long personal and professional relationships with peers from different countries of the ASEAN region.

The registration and nomination for AUN-ITB Summer Camp 2024 is still open! Interested undergraduate students from ASEAN can register directly via Admission ITB. Following their registration, the applicant’s university will be contacted by ITB for verification and nomination process. For more information and registration details of AUN-ITB Summer Camp 2024, please visit https://admission.itb.ac.id/info/aun2024/.

With the introduction of AUN-ITB Summer Camp 2024, the AUN Summer Camp 2024 Introduction Series has now covered half the lineup of short-term exchange programmes across the ASEAN region with the common goal of promoting cross-border student exchange and cultivation of relevant knowledge and future-proof talents. Four other programmes will be introduced by the AUN Secretariat soon to round out the ambitious picture of academic and student exchange promised by this brand-new AUN initiative.

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