8 June 2023

The Evergoing Expansion of AUN-QA Brings Continuous Growth for Assessors

Patitin Lertnaikiat
AUN Programme Officer;

With each passing year, the landscape of the working world continues to evolve and students from Universities need to be well equipped to face the challenges of today, and the future. The AUN-QA team understands this and it is crucial that our Programme Assessments ensure that ASEAN Universities are well prepared to provide the best education possible to make sure students are ready for life after graduation.

AUN-QA Assessors_Pic 1.jpg

ASEAN Universities deserve quality assessments, and AUN-QA is determined to fulfill this mission with the most capable of assessors in the region. AUN-QA’s way of assessment is also distinct from other accreditation methods, bringing unique characteristics to the table. It is peer assessment in nature, aiming to be a colleague in the same industry sharing and exchanging good practices to improve the quality of study programmes. Official AUN-QA Assessors are well-trained and willing to support the applied study programmes to further improve it to be the best it can be.

AUN-QA Assessors_Pic 2.jpg

The Higher Education landscape is ever growing, and each year the AUN-QA team conducts more than 190 study programmes across the ASEAN region all operated by our large roster of 157 official AUN-QA Assessors. In response to increasing demands, there is always room for expanding the AUN-QA family. Assessors are always in need, and the AUN-QA team needs continuous growth to meet these demands.

AUN-QA Assessors_Pic 3.jpg