26 October 2022

Introducing The Asian Network: The Community of Leaders in Asia

AUN Writer Team

By Chanya Chinsukserm, AUN Programme Officer

The Asian Network (https://www.asiannetwork.online/) is a new generation of leaders creating change and impact with the vision of becoming the first community of leaders in Asia working to build a more inclusive and sustainable future and to empower the next generation of leaders. It is a for-profit organization created in August 2020 by Mr. Ravindra NGO, member of the World Economic Forum ASEAN expert network, committed to inspiring people through virtual and in-person events across a dynamic and developing Asia. ​The Asian Network hosts and organises key events in Asia, focusing on three core pillars:

  • Community building: It connects over 500 thought, business and young leaders from the fastest growing economies in the world. Speakers and its members demonstrate strong achievements and peer-recognition such as Forbes under 30 List, TEDx Speakers, United Nations prizes, Asia Society Fellows and World Economic Forum Young Leaders mainly in the ASEAN region.
  • Intelligence & knowledge: Topics centered around building technology for a better world while supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals such as climate action, gender equality, and youth empowerment. Insights and knowledge from experts throughout the webinars, conferences and conversation series : 
  • Youth leadership programs: The Asian Network Leadership Program has a mission to inspire, empower and connect emerging leaders to make a positive change in their community, their region, and the world Throughout conferences and programs.

The digital network includes more than 450 members across 25 countries in Asia. It is an active and inspirational network of the region’s most promising leaders from diverse cultures, countries, and work environments, including government, civil society, academia, and social enterprise representatives.

In addition, this digital community is dedicated to connecting like-minded individuals who can empower each other to make a positive impact within their communities and also inspire the younger generation through speaker series, webinars, and virtual conferences. The past online conferences and webinars of the Asian Network are accessible through https://www.asiannetwork.online/intelligence. ​Most importantly, young leaders and students can widely connect and network with this digital platform after being registered at https://asian-network.mn.co/. If you are interested in being part of this inspirational community, apply now!