6 April 2023

Special AUN-QA Feature: Partners Reunited on Path towards Excellence as the University of the Immaculate Conception Welcomed AUN-QA for the 323rd Programme Assessment

Ninnart Ratanasukhon
AUN Programme Officer;

From 28-30 March 2023, the team of AUN-QA’s assessors was warmly welcomed by the University of the Immaculate Conception (UIC) for the 323rd Programme Assessment in Davao City, the Philippines. This Programme Assessment marked the second time a Programme Assessment was conducted for UIC, but the first one to be conducted on-site! This meant all the more excitement for our distinguished assessors as they visited this long-standing higher education institute of Davao City.

Founded in 1905, the University of the Immaculate Conception is the oldest Catholic educational institution in Davao City. The education it offers ranges from K-12 education to tertiary education in science, technology, arts, humanities, business, and teacher education. With its vision of becoming a globally recognised Catholic university that nurtures faith and passion for excellence, UIC has been vigorous in standardising its programmes through accreditation. UIC was previously certified and accredited by respectable organisations such as the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU) and ISO 9001:2015. It is also the first university to be assessed and certified under the AUN-QA system in the Mindanao region in 2020! The year 2023 marked the 20th anniversary the university has been enjoying the autonomous status granted by the Philippine Commission on Higher Education as well.


Sister Maria Marissa R. Viri, RVM, President of the University of the Immaculate Conception, reaffirmed UIC’s steadfast confidence in the accreditation of study programmes in her speech during the opening ceremony of the assessment.

“It (UIC) has a long tradition of accreditation, for it believes that this is one way to confirm and affirm its delivery of quality education that is integral and holistic.”

“The university believes that subjecting our higher education programmes to AUN-QA’s assessment would ensure that our offerings align with our counterparts within the ASEAN region, opening more opportunities for our students, faculties, and support service personnel, as we embark on global education and internationalisation.”


Prof. Dr. Satria Bijaksana, AUN-QA Council member and lead assessor, also congratulated the university for the return of the on-site assessment after UIC underwent an online assessment in 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have continued to monitor the current situation, and through intensive discussions, we have made the careful decision to begin returning to on-site Programme Assessments. Therefore, it is with great pleasure to announce that the 323rd AUN-QA Assessment will be conducted on-site, face-to-face, and not through a screen!”

The opening ceremony concluded with the offering of tokens from the AUN-QA to the university for embarking on the path toward excellence with AUN-QA.


In the next three days, the team of AUN-QA assessors went on to conduct site visits and interviews with students, alumni, and support staff in the assessment of four programmes, namely:

  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The team was warmly welcomed and assisted throughout with enthusiasm from all the involving students, faculties, alumni, and support staff of UIC.

AUN-QA assessors conducted site-visits in the 323rd Programme Assessment.

AUN-QA assessors conducted site-visits in the 323rd Programme Assessment.

AUN-QA assessors conducted site-visits in the 323rd Programme Assessment.

AUN-QA assessors conducted interviews with employers of students from UIC

AUN-QA assessors conducted interviews with support staff of UIC


(Pictures at the courtesy of University of the Immaculate Conception)