3 November 2022

The Story of “Continued Improvement”: AUN-QA Aiming For the Delivery of the Best Training Experience

AUN Writer Team

By Boonyanuch Jaroenittikoon, AUN Programme Officer

In the previous article, AUN Secretariat brought you to explore the experiences and perceptions of the participants at the 9th AUN-QA Training Course for Accomplishing Programme Assessment, Version 4.0 (AUN-QA Tier-1 Training). Today, we are focusing on the commitment of AUN-QA to the continued improvement of the training programmes. We are breaking down significant changes that make this training and the next more exceptional than before!

In the fast-paced world of technology, AUN-QA never stops developing all aspects of the training, namely the content, the methodology, and the people. 

The Content

Tier-1 Training Version 4.0 acquires a tighter focus on insights specifically relevant to programme assessment. The assessment documentation and implementation are streamlined to fit in with today’s context, where technology, innovation, and a growth mindset are heavily important. Version 4.0  not only emphasises fostering outcome-based education or instilling concepts of innovation but also developing an entrepreneurial mindset for all participants.

The Methodology

The methodology of the AUN-QA Training Programme prioritises the readiness of all trainees. The programme provides the trainees with pre-training materials to ensure that they are able to see a bigger picture of the training and ease into the session more easily. The training itself has shifted to four full-day training that provides more time and opportunities for all participants to learn and share their views and experiences with one another. The trainees will be able to learn from different points of view and understand the world of quality assurance from various dimensions. Additionally, this immersive training system blends technology and people together and promotes a more lively interaction. Trainees are able to live in the moment—a chance to ask questions on the fly and work on exercises in real time.

The People

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, AUN-QA has been working on expanding its manpower and people’s capacities. It aims to build up the trainers’ expertise to conduct the Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 training programmes. Hence, at present, the Tier-1 training programme has 3 – 4 trainers, which benefits the trainees directly in terms of knowledge resources. On the one hand, trainees can learn from trainers with their own unique expertise, teaching methods, and outstanding records. On the other hand, the trainers can also pay closer attention to the trainees, which leads to a closer relationship between the two parties that can be found only in AUN-QA training programmes. Consequently, AUN-QA can now receive more trainees to a maximum of 40 people per training course. By joining the training, all participants will gain experiences and insights valuable to their personal and institutional growth. They will also have more opportunities of exchanging perceptions among themselves, as well as build a wider network within the quality assurance industry.

The work of AUN-QA on improving its training continues as we move towards the future. AUN-QA still stands on its mission of aiming for the best that is not just for within the network or for higher education but also for the future of the ASEAN community.